There are so many materials people can choose from for their next major roofing project! Whilst slates provide great style and tiles ensure guaranteed longevity, we have noticed how some people have looked at how they can incorporate both these benefits with the use of metal roofing solutions.

Although fairly uncommon across residential buildings, there are so many reasons to start looking into how this could be the best route if you are looking to overhaul your property at some point in the future. You will find that roofs made from metal are incredibly lightweight and durable, giving you something that can provide the right levels of protection needed!

RJW Roofing & Building have decided to delve into their roofing knowledge in order to explain which products are the best for metal roofing and why they are considered to be among the finest around.   


Over the years, we have discovered that steel is the most common material used for metal roofing, owing largely to it’s sturdiness and durability. The two most regularly used gauges for steel roofs would be G-60 and G-90, the latter of which being slightly less expensive.

Protecting your steel roof can be done easily with the use of epoxy primer. This will not only safeguard the structure, but also allows you to add the right colour needed to match your building’s existing layout.


There are both pros and cons when it comes to aluminium roofing, so be careful to study whether this is the right material to suit your needs. Where aluminium roofs can hand you easy resistance against corrosion, it’s lightweight form means you are always prone to denting.

Another major drawback is the hugely negative impact they can have the on the environment. We are huge advocates for solar panels as they can help preserve the planet, helping to counter things made from aluminium which requires a substantial amount of energy.


If you own a home filled with style, then you may be more suited to something made from copper. This metal is steeped within the history of roofing, giving people quality finishes that will never experience any form of peeling or scratching.

You may have noticed the extensive housing developments going ahead within Hertfordshire and Essex, not least within certain areas of Bishop’s Stortford. For this reason, our team of Bishop’s Stortford roofers are learning all about this material as we anticipate a surge in demands for this sought after product to be installed.

We love long term investments here at RJW! Especially when they can have such a positive effect on any of our customers. That’s why we can happily recommend copper roofing as it’s fairly common for these designs to even outlast the home they are placed within.

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