Some of the most iconic buildings scattered across the world are hugely defined by the roofing structure they have in place. As a progressive roofing company in Hertfordshire, we have taken time to study the most recognisable roofs and why they are considered to be so special.

Sydney Opera House (Australia)

This is one of the most easily recognised buildings from all corners of the globe, attracting millions of visitors every single year. The very moment you catch a glimpse of its distinct layout, you are likely to know instantly which landmark you are gazing upon.

The bulk it its design centres around panels which adopt Swedish tiles, giving it a polished and neat style. The construction of The Sydney Opera House was a huge undertaking, requiring over 14-years and around 100 million Australian dollars to complete.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Austria)

With an array of impressive colours, there is no doubt that the roof at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Austria is a breath-taking sight for all to see. The city of Vienna is known for its artistic flair and this is certainly a benchmark for its consistently high standards.

Over 230,000 tiles cover the roof, giving it an intricate and highly sophisticated layout all across. Ever since 1160, this has sat proudly within Austria and proven to be very high on most traveller’s bucket lists.

Grand Palace (Thailand)

The Grand Palace is a hugely significant building within Thailand, acting as the official residence for the King of Siam. It’s roofing structure is widely known as the “Golden Roof” since it has been carefully formulated with a number of iconic features that derive from Thai culture.

Construction finished all the way back in 1782 and has since established itself as prominent architectural landmark, welcoming many visitors every single year.

St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican City)

Taking advantage of a brand new wave of architectural design, the roof located at St. Peter’s Basilica is filled with style and quality workmanship. This is perhaps one of the most famous churches in the world!

It’s steep association with holy worship means a large number of people visit the area on a regular basis. One of the most distinguished features is perhaps the central dome, which is currently one of the biggest across the whole world.

United States Capitol Dome (USA)

Standing at an impressive 88m high, this building is stunning to behold! During 1855-1866, the core structure was constructed and now gets used as the seat of the United States Congress.

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