RJW Roofing & Building are always keen to look into all aspects of the roofing trade to see how we can offer up the most comprehensive range of roofing services across Hertfordshire and Essex. Our expertise mostly revolves around slate, tiled and thatched roofing, but we have also recently acquired an interest in glass based designs and how they could be hugely beneficial for buildings.

With so many teams currently in operation, like our contingent of roofers in Bishop’s Stortford, we feel now is the best time to diversify our existing skillset so that we can serve up just about anything to anyone! So take a look at our guide on glass roofing and why this could be something you consider in the future.

Stylish & Adaptable

There are so many designs available on the market place, which means no matter the layout of your building, you are likely to find something that works for you. Many companies can even tailor the glass so it matches perfectly with any vision you have for the outside area.

You will also benefit from the fact glass can typically be shaped into any sized roof, making installation both simple and effective. Once installed, you can look to incorporate a wave of functionality, since panels can be opened up or remain permanently fixed.

Increase of Light

Much like roof lanterns, having a structure that is based off glass is only going to help increase the level of light and vibrancy you have across your building. This creates so much vibrancy, helping you enjoy your time spent within certain rooms.

It’s so important to have a suitable amount of light available, since this can have a massively positive effect on well-being and productivity. You will also enjoy gazing up at the stars during the summer months when the skies are usually clear.

Adding Value

Not only are you increasing the style of your home, you are also taking a huge step in raising the overall value. Glass roofs along with solar panels are perhaps the most shrewd investments you can currently make when it comes to roofing solutions.

People are also likely to be more impressed with your home if the outside adopts a contemporary style. This can only help you when it comes to negotiation and making any proposed sale go through.

Set the Right Tone

Other parts of your home may be letting you down but getting glass roofs in place is a great way to overhaul the layout and install some kind of class and sophistication. It’s a luxury choice and will certainly set very high standards throughout.

Contact RJW Now

If you need some advice on glass roofing or anything else related to the trade, you are more than welcome to get in contact with RJW now on 01279 260 121. Our team have 20-years of experience for completing any kind of roofing project no matter the scale and difficulty. We are ready and waiting to offer up free no obligation quotes to anyone today!

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