Given that the roofing profession requires an abundance of skill and knowledge, we believe it’s vital that you take your time to identify companies that have a demonstrated history of completing work to industry standards.

There are so many things that could go wrong if you hire individuals without the right credentials to carry out certain work to a level befitting of quality and longevity. We have a dedicated team of roofers in Bishop’s Stortford who constantly stress the significance of picking wisely when it comes to all manner of roofing services. Here, they have broken down just some of the core things to consider and how they can have such a huge impact.

Poor Workmanship

The roofer your hire may claim that they can install solar panels or garden roofs, but they might be overselling their skill-set in order to get you on board. If you have poorly made solutions with the wrong sort of roofing materials, then there is every chance the core structure is going to lose its strength and fall apart pretty soon.

It’s worth checking whether your roofers have any qualifications that show they possess the right sort of theoretical knowledge before taking on the practical stages. For example, we make sure our team are all qualified in GRP before they are ever handed out to carry out such work.

Unnecessary Problems

We all want to live in our homes without the need to carry out maintenance as a result of issues propping up. With poor roofing installed, you could be at risk of leaks and even structural damage if any tiles or slates have been placed down incorrectly.

Most companies won’t take responsibility for any problems so you will probably need to fork out more money to hire another team of roofers in order to get everything back into some kind of order. Sometimes paying that bit more in the first place for tried and trusted tradesmen can actually make more financial sense in the long-run.

Lack of Style

If you have a team of roofers who want to make quick money and then leave, the quality of work is likely to adopt a pretty shoddy vibe. This will make the overall roofing décor you have in place feel rushed and out of place in relation to all the other aspects of your home.

We are passionate about roofing and believe this can be the bedrock for style and purpose across any property. So, make sure you speak openly with your team to ensure they are delivering the work you expect as per your specifications and requirements.

Hire RJW for Quality Work

You can be certain that the team we have here at RJW Roofing & Building will be able to carry out anything to exceptional standards no matter where you are based in Hertfordshire or Essex. To learn more about what we can provide, you can get in direct contact with any member of our team now on 01279 260 121. We can’t wait to get started on your project!

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