If you still haven’t decided which roofing materials are the best for your home, then perhaps you should think about something formulated with shingles. We have a team of Bishop’s Stortford roofers who have incorporated this within a number of their projects over the last 20-years, always citing how they hand people the best style and longevity compared to a number of alternatives.

Why not read our basic guide on why shingles could very well be the right route for your building. Our team have explained what they are and all the main benefits that come from their installation.

What are Shingles?

Shingles are primarily used to cover up pitched roofs. They are put down in an overlapping style, giving the layout a neat and practical edge. Most shingles are flat and adopt a rectangular shape, although we have also recently seen the use of square designs.

You will also be able to pick from a variety of colours, which allows people to get the very roofing décor they are looking to have in place. All throughout the history of roofing, shingles have been hugely popular across Europe, which means they are among the most sought after choices around.

Easy to Install

Unlike more intricate designs like garden roofs, you will find that anything based off shingles can be planned out and installed fairly promptly. With the right roofing tools and tradesmen in place, it really doesn’t matter how big your building may be, everything should be completed proficiently so long as all the right components are structured correctly.

Durable & Long-Lasting

We all like long-term investments that make financial sense from the very beginning and much like solar panels, this could be one of the best bits of business you have ever conducted. Shingles are incredibly fire-resistant and easily deflect UV rays, which means your home will remain sound even when the weather is extremely hot outside.

Cheap but Reliable

People tend to get elaborate slate or tiled designs installed within their home, but most are not aware that the same quality can be achieved with shingles despite the fact they are much cheaper in price. This is especially beneficial if you are conducting a major re-work of your home as you will be able to save funds to invest in other areas of the renovation.


You can get shingles installed into most roofing layouts likes pitched or flat roof designs. This makes them highly adaptable, which means they are going to be applicable to a majority of homes scattered across Hertfordshire and Essex.

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