We truly believe the bedrock behind a structurally sound home is always the roofing in place. This structure provides a host of benefits that relate to both functionality and style, offering up the very best method in which to encourage a long and prosperous lifespan for your building.

So why are roofs so vitally important? Well, here at RJW Roofing & Building, we know exactly why they are such so integral and what sort of impact poor designs can have in both the short and long term. We have therefore broken down some very simple reasons as to why roofing should be fairly high on your list of concerns.

Style & Purpose

Having stylish roofing in place really can transform the existing aesthetic in quite incredible ways. You can tailor your layout to suit the kind of vibe you want to emit! For example, nature inclined individuals may want to opt for garden roofs, whereas people who want something reliable should probably consider something based around slates.

Once you have the initial structure laid down, there are now limitless options as to how you could incorporate further innovation within the outside of your home. Perhaps preserving our planet is your thing? Then take a look at solar panels and get them fitted within your roofing!

Purposeful Protection

The British weather is certainly unpredictable, which means you could be susceptible to some kind of structural damage even during the summer months. Having reliable roofing present means you are safeguarded against strong rainfall, helping to keep anything based either within your home or nearby full protected.

If you discover any leaks, then always call upon skilled experts to put things right. We have roof repairs in Bishop’s Stortford and other locations, where we can break down problems, get to the heart of the issue and then get everything restored in a swift and effective manner.

Adding Value

According to certain sources, adding a brand new roof can increase property value up to around £12,000. This therefore demonstrates how financially rewarding this short-term investment can be in the future.

When it comes to selling up, you will also be able to set the right tone as prospective buyers come to visit your home. Having sleek and highly sophisticated roofing could end up being the deciding factor behind people’s intention to take up the option of purchasing your home.

Energy Efficient

Saving money is hugely important for any household! One of the biggest areas people look to lighten the load would be energy bills as they can often account to around £120 per month. Strong roofing will also help you here as it will be able to increase the efficiency in which heat remains within certain rooms.

Call RJW Now!

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