Roofing work always needs to be finished off in style so that designs can truly emit the class and sophistication you want them to display. Here at RJW Roofing & Building, we firmly believe that Soffit & Fascia products are the best way to enhance your home’s aesthetic and keep everything looking neatly ordered.

Our team of Roofers in Bishop’s Stortford have taken time to explain why these models are so important and how they can add so much precision to your property. So, take a deep dive with us as we break down the key reasons why you should consider installing Soffit & Fascia in the near future.

What are Soffits?

This is essentially the exposed part of siding that rests below your roof’s overhang. Given it’s position, you will never actually be able to see this once installed when it comes to curb appeal.

If you do want to take a look at the Soffit design, then you will need to stand close to your home and gaze once you are directly underneath. The Soffits generally adopt the same colouring as the siding, but this can always be altered if you feel it will improve the overall style.

The most common materials for Soffits we have found are currently anything revolving wood or vinyl. When it comes to choosing the materials, it’s important to select something appropriate in accordance with the weather conditions you typically experience throughout the year.

What are Fascias?

The Fascias will blend together with the Soffits you have chosen for your roofing area. They are basically the area of siding that sits directly above any part of the Soffit that’s been installed. You may also identify them as being a form of boarding that is left unexposed within the front area in which your roof starts to overhang.

Any Fascias you have will reside near the guttering and will be easily visible, which means they need to be structurally sound in order to keep your roofing firm and without risk of collapsing. Most Fascia can be made with similar materials as Soffits, so again pick something that fits with the layout you are looking to have in place.

Why is Soffit & Fascia Important?  

Having Soffits in place will give you an effective method in which to regulate the amount of airflow you have circulating between your roof and the inside area of your home. They also reduce levels of moisture which could end up turning into some form of mould.

In terms of Fascia, this will act as the final point of support across any rows of tiles that make up your roof. This is also the fixing point in which you can attach any necessary guttering to help filter water away proficiently during rain showers.

RJW Can Help with Soffit & Fascia

If you are considering getting some form of Soffit & Fascia installed onto your home, then why not enquire about the range of services we have here at RJW Roofing & Building. You can contact any member of our team right now by calling 01279 260 121.

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