There are many components that help to make up any solid roofing structure and one of the most prominent is definitely your chimney. Having a design that is securely in place and formed with quality roofing materials really is the best way to inject some character over your home and hand a certain level of sophistication.

Over time, the joints that keep your chimney attached to any slates or tiles may start to lose some solidity. When this happens, you can either call on our Bishop’s Stortford roofers or even take it upon yourself to rectify any problems right away. With this in mind, here’s why re-pointing your chimney is so important and must be considered whenever you detect problems.


Most chimneys are secured with mortar joints which can re-main intact for at least a couple of decades. However during that time, they are likely to be inflicted with a number of weather conditions that could hinder the material. Whether its been exposed to intense heat or cool storms, any chimneys that aren’t re-pointed are going to slowly crumble.

Better Investment

It’s always better to work on problems before they escalate further and require more substantial roofing repairs later. The longer you leave anything, the more possibility there is for permanent damage to take place, leaving you with no choice but to oversee a complete roofing re-design.


Chimneys are heavy and made from brick, so you can imagine they are likely to be a serious risk to any members of your family if they start to crumble and fall apart. You can’t live in a home where there’s a possibility wayward material could end up falling on your head! So take the necessary measures whenever your get an inkling that anything could be about to fall apart.

Weather Protection

Another thing to consider with chimneys is how they could be encouraging water to enter your home. You must therefore always ensure any re-pointing work includes the implementation of water-tight sealant that can help prevent any rainfall from passing through your roof. If water finds a way in, then you are going to experience substantial damage to your interior.


Having a chimney in place that hasn’t been given the correct treatment is going to stand out for all the wrong reasons. It’s so important to keep them looking the part so that your home is setting the right impression from the outside. Chimneys are a distinct feature for most homes! So treat them with care and keep them structurally sound!

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