The very moment in which any structure has been put into place for brand new home extensions, you will need to immediately turn your attention to what sort of roofing would be the best choice. There’s an abundance of great roofing materials to pick from, ranging from robust slate solutions all the way up to designs made completely with glass.

It’s something that our Bishop’s Stortford roofer team have played very closed attention to, since they are actively working on a number of extension projects all across Hertfordshire and Essex. They know what layouts are best for certain properties and how much an effect they can have on the overall design of your home.

Pitched Roofs

If you want something conventional, then always look into pitched roofs. A lot of people spend time comparing pitched roofs with flat roofs as they both have incredibly distinctive qualities that suit different needs. The fact is that pitched roofs are likely to blend more easily with everyday homes as they adopt the style you would expect to see across typical British buildings.

Flat Roofs

There’s so many reasons to choose flat roofs for your home extension as they look the part and offer more flexibility with ideas later down the line. You can go for conventional materials or even push the boat out completely with a design formulated with GRP. With this in place, you will have a precision minded design that oozes quality!

As mentioned, you can take flat roofs further at a later date since their structure makes it easy to incorporate roofing décor in the form of garden roofs and even terraces. What an incredibly simple way to add even more space to your home!

Garden Roofs

Anyone with an artistic eye could look into garden roofs as they give you the ideal platform in which to add both colour and character that best reflects your own personality. Not only will you be able to bolster the style of your home extension, but you can be sure that you are playing a key role in sustaining the world’s environment.

Thatched Roof

Although maintaining thatched roofs is often more time-consuming than its main competitors, having this installed will give your home extension a unique traditional edge that is not likely to be adopted by any homes nearby.

Why not add some steep roofing history and take your home back to more primitive times where people had to be more resourceful with the roofing tools and materials they had at their disposal.

RJW are Ready to Assist!

People based in around Hertfordshire and Essex can get in contact with RJW Roofing & Building right now on 01279 260 121 for further information about the types of roofing services we are able to provide. Simply get in touch and explain your ideas so that our team can form plans and get to work right away! Do you like perks? Well, we never expect you to make one single upfront payment if your work is priced below £3,000! This amazing financial freedom is available to everyone we serve!

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