We are now at the stage where the number of roofing choices people have available to them has reached a pretty substantial level. With this in mind, our Bishop’s Stortford roofers have taken time to study all the solutions and how they can each provide homes with certain benefits for both style and structural solidity.

One of the most common roofing materials we have seen adopted across Hertfordshire and Essex would be flat roofs! This is something that we have steep knowledge of designing and executing, with over 20-years’ experience for implementing this type of design. Are you thinking about installing flat roofs over your home? Why not read our guide on what benefits you could expect to receive with them in place.

Easy Access

When you put pitched roofs against flat roofs, one of the main reasons people choose the latter would be the increase in accessibility you have. This means you can get up onto your roof pretty easily, which means you could even look at forming some kind of storage system or even going much further with a selection of roofing décor ready for the summer months.

Quick to Maintain

Another key benefit that comes from better accessibility is the fact you can inspect any areas efficiently and get subsequent roof repairs well underway. We always recommend regular checks to see if there is any build-up of mould or debris! With flat roofs, you can get this done yourself without needing to rely on roofing specialists.  


Unlike things made from slates or tiles, you will find that the roofing materials on flat roofs are much better at resisting damage from poor weather. These designs are also beneficial during intense heat if they are formed with GRP as this will combat against general wear and tear.

Further Options

Once you have your flat roof in place, there really is no limit to what you could incorporate later down the line! Ever fancied a surge of wildlife around your home? Then get garden roofs in place! Ever desired somewhere to lounge during warm summer days? Then perhaps some kind of terrace could be the way forward! You really can enhance the outside of your home in ways other roofing materials simply cannot.

Relatively Cheap

Over the course of roofing history, price has often been the main deal breaker for most customers across the country. That’s why flat roofs are rising in popularity as they are much cheaper to alternatives like thatched roofs and designs formed with shingles. This solution is cost-effective, easy to install and oozes class! So, wait not longer and look at how this could be placed over your home at some stage in the near future!

RJW are Ready to Help!

As always, the RJW Roofing & Building contingent are ready to offer a helping hand! You can learn more about all the roofing services we have available right now if you contact us direct on 01279 260 121. We are raring to get started on any of your project ideas!

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