The summer is nearly here and we can’t wait to help people get set for all the warm and sunny weather we have on the way. This is an especially busy period of the year for RJW Roofing & Building, who always look to take advantage of the perfect conditions we get during this season in order to provide as many services as they can across Hertfordshire and Essex.

There really are so many ways our team can improve the layout of your home so that the summer can be enjoyed in quite incredible ways. We have therefore decided to explain some of the things we can hand out and why we think they are perfect for this time of year.

Roof Lanterns

Whether it’s for your main home or a simple garden shed, we truly believe that roofs lanterns are one of the best ways to hardness both sunlight and heat. With these placed, you are essentially opening yourself up to the outside world and encouraging waves of vibrancy to enter with immense ease.

Can you imagine sitting in your living room and being filled with the expansive nature that comes from the summer months! Having a consistent amount of light entering your home will not only improve the style, but you will notice how it can also have a profound effect on your personal well-being. The summer really is a season for joy, and roof lanterns are there to help you enjoy it the most.

Velux Windows

It’s incredibly important to regulate air and sunlight where you can since this gives you more control over the climate and temperature people are likely to experience around the home. Certain people may even want to spend time away from the summer light, in which you would then need something that can shut out light in a proficient manner.

Well, have you ever thought about installing Velux Windows? They are setting a modern roofing trend in 2020 at the moment, since people have become fully aware of how they can help monitor how much exposure they want to the outside word. They also look classy and have the capacity to elevate other areas of your home to brand new levels of sophistication.

GRP Roofing

This doesn’t really make the summer any better, but this type of work can be complete with a lot more care and precision during this time of year. Since the materials for this solution need to dry out in order to reach completion, we would always recommend getting this done now!

Having GRP roofing placed within your home will make you stand out from the crowd! Since most people opt for more traditional roofing materials like slates and tiles, why not become a little different and get this contemporary roofing instead.

Thatched Roofing

Do you live in a traditional home and need a team to help with roofing repairs on thatched design? Then we can also use this time of the year to get everything back into order. The summer months are usually calm and still, which means undertaking this particular type of roofing can be made so much simpler.

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