We are all experiencing full lockdown as the country continues its fight against coronavirus. This means most of us are now permanently based at home looking for ways to fill up each day as we wait for everything to be back to some kind of normality.

There are so many building and DIY tasks that often get overlooked as people find themselves either without the funds or time to complete anything. That can all change as RJW Roofing & Building have decided to break down some simple roofing jobs that could easily be undertaken over the coming weeks.

Clean out Guttering

It’s important to have effective guttering so that rainfall can be ushered away from your home. Over time, such designs could endure build up off dirt and moss, seriously compromising the proficiency in which water can pass through.

It’s so simple to get yourself on a ladder and remove any leaves, grime or general debris from your guttering. Make sure you wear protective gloves and use a bag whilst removing anything so that easy collection can be made before you throw it all away.

This also applies to soffit & fascia, especially since the primary purpose for their installation is to bolster the way your home looks from the outside. Depending on the nature of work, you could use conventional cleaning products or look into more specialist equipment like a Jet Washer.

Brand New Paint Job

We have of course recently covered how to paint roofs in a previous post, but it’s worth mentioning the benefits once more. Adding a new coat of paint across your roof will revitalise any slates or tiles and raise the overall quality of your home’s design.

If you want to take on this ordeal for yourself, then make sure you are careful about the necessary safety parameters and the type of roofing tools you may need. What you use and the way you go about it really depends on whether you want to make minor adjustments or work over the whole roof.

Give Your Roof a Wash

Sometimes a simple cleanse with a bucket of water could be what your roof is crying out for. Washing over areas that have not received any attention for a while could help lift your home’s style in such a simple yet effective way.

Get to the heart of all the key areas for your roof for the best results! Take your time and roll up your sleeves if you ever discover parts that have a fairly ingrained level of dirt.

Learn More With RJW

If you want to learn more tips, tricks and advice from anything revolving the roofing trade, then keep in regular contact with us here at RJW Roofing & Building.

We are going to post regular features about how you can take any kind of roofing work for yourself over the coming weeks in order to help you fill up days and improve the layout of your home.

We hope you stay safe and keep well during this difficult time!

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