Whether you are fresh out of school or perhaps looking for a career change, the roofing industry has a number of opportunities across the country readily available today. With so many homes and commercial buildings being built every year, the demand for reliable roofers has become incredibly high, which means people learning the trade are certain to find no difficulty in gaining work in the years to come.

The team at RJW Roofing & Building have compiled some of the best reasons to choose this as a career and the sort of things you can expect to be undertaking during a typical working day. Perhaps this really could be the key for you in terms of unlocking your true working potential in an environment that requires use of your unique skills and expertise.

Learn the Basics

As with any skilled trade, you will need to work on the theoretical side before you can move onto building sites. There are so many apprenticeships and college courses available in the UK, all of which should give you a broad understanding of why things are done in a certain way.

You will probably be required to have some form of basic educational qualifications in order to gain entry as certain tasks require skills you will have learnt from school. Why not check out the guide on roofing careers at UCAS for more details about the trade and whether you are suited.

Think About Your Profile

Before you even consider pursuing a career in roofing, you need to have a long-hard think about what you are like as a person. Do you like heights? Are you practical? These are just some of the core qualities that need to be in place in order to work within this particular field of construction.

We only take people on who enjoy working outside, think proactively and place strong emphasis over health and safety at all times. In general, roofing companies will only be interested in people who are good with their hands and can sort problems out proficiently.

What is Involved?

There are so many roofing services that need to be fully understood. This includes slating roofs, installing solar panels and even working out pricing for jobs. The variety makes the profession a constant point of interest, where you will find that no two days are ever the same.

Above all else, you will be required to work as part of a team and think collaboratively whilst taking on any projects. This means constant communication and trust will be of significant importance every single day.

Is there any Progression?

The sky really is the limit when it comes to adding strings to your bow in roofing. With certifications available for GRP, Velux and EPDM, you could end up becoming substantially qualified and therefore an expert within the field.

RJW are Looking for Roofers!

If you want to join a progressive roofing company in Hertfordshire & Essex, then contact RJW and enquire about becoming a part of our ever growing team. You can get in touch today by simply calling 01279 260 121.

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