Now is always the perfect time of year to delve into some roofing improvements! With the sun beaming over the whole of Hertfordshire and Essex, our roofers in Ware can plan out and execute all manner of roofing services to the very highest of standards. Over the last 20-years’ of operation here at RJW Roofing & Building, we have managed to build-up a glowing reputation that always puts customers at the forefront. Never fear when we are tasked with roofing as we aim to create bespoke solutions for everyone we serve.

So, why not take your home improvements to the next level and bolster the outside of your home in the most precision minded and accurate way imaginable. All the services you could possibly need are ready and waiting to be accessed here, which means you can get any work completed within swift time-frames right away. To see what we are able to supply, why not read on and take a look at our key areas of expertise below.

Roof Design

This is a picture of a roof with Velux Windows.

Get creative and install your own taste in style across your roofing with our comprehensive range of services for roof design. We really do believe that installing a bespoke roofing layout is the best way to inject more sophistication across your aesthetic, which can only be beneficial for elevating other parts of your home. Having a quirky roof that bucks the current trends will place you at the very heart of modern innovation and ideas.

Roof Design

The is a picture of a timber frame being installed over a roof.

Moving homes can be a timely and costly ordeal at the best of times! So, why not stay put and develop what you have in new and exciting ways! With a brand-new roof, you will be able to breathe new life into your home and ensure you are living somewhere you can be proud of once again. Ripping up the rule book and starting again can be a liberating experience for people who have long lived with the same structural set-up for many years!

Tiled Roofs

This is a picture of tiled roofing.

We totally understand that certain people like sticking to what they know and often choose roofing designs that are more traditionally inclined. The most common of which would often be tiled roofs and their conventional layout they can supply anyone’s home. It’s not really hard to see why this continues to shape the roofing trade as their neat and practical finish is always a great choice for people who like designs that feel quintessentially British.

Velux Windows

This is a picture of a cat positioned in front of a Velux Window.

The summer is often a joyous time of year when you are outside, but failure to think about airflow within your home can make this period feel rather uncomfortable. Using Velux Windows will mean homeowners can seamlessly monitor how much exposure they want to the outside and even set how much sunlight they want beaming around rooms. They are also a great way to improve the overall look for your roof, since designs that come without focal features can look rather dull and uninteresting.

Garden Roofs

This is a picture of a roof with greenery.

There are many ways you can step away from regular roofing and we believe that garden designs are perhaps the most stylish around. Here, you will have the prime opportunity to build-up a natural environment around your home to help the planet and enhance your well-being. If more people took an interest in this trend, then the natural parts of the world will probably start to flourish once again. Can you imagine stepping outside and being surrounded by nature!

Flat Roofs

This is a picture of a flat roof.

Getting high quality roofing installed can be an expensive process, which is why you should consider choosing something that can provide a number of design choices moving forward. This is where flat roofs could be the most suitable route as they can be modified into garden areas or a terrace at a later date. If you stick with the flat structure then go for GRP, since this offers a contemporary feel to your home.

Roof Repairs

This is a picture of a roofer conducting some repairs over a roof.

Whether you have discovered a roof leak or a slipped tile, we will be able to get to the route of any problems and get everything sorted within effective time-frames. Over the course of our time in operation, we have been exposed to all manner of both simple and arduous repairs, allowing us to accumulate the expertise and skill to handle just about anything. After we have finished our work, you will find that what we have provided will ensure that these concerns will not be of any concern in the future.

Soffit & Fascia

This is a picture of soffit & fascia.

No roof can really stand tall and proud unless soffit & fascia has been installed. This precision minded finish will keep everything neatly rounded off so that your home can emit the classy vibe you have been looking for. With ample opportunities to get things that blend with your roofing, this is a great opportunity to really enhance any design choices in the best way possible.

Guttering & Downpipes

This is a picture of guttering collecting rain water.

We all know the weather in Britain can cause substantial damage when the rain starts to fall. Even during he summer months, we are often exposed to rather intense conditions, leaving people at serious risk unless they have installed robust and effective guttering. Knowing you have been kitted out with the right structural integrity means you can rest at ease when the weather does take a turn for the worst.

Solar Panels

This is a picture of solar panels absorbing sunlight.

Like the idea of saving money every year on electricity bills? Then we think you should look into solar panels and how they are so effective at extracting natural light and converting it into re-usable energy. Taking the decision to install solar panels will ensure you are set for the modern age of home design and also means you will be playing a significant role in preserving our planet.

Building Work

This is a picture of someone laying bricks.

People who want the full works won’t need to look any further! Our entire team understand how to go about any general building work so that projects can be completed by the same company. This will increase efficiency and make the entire process so much simpler as you will be dealing with far less people compared to hiring alternative firms for additional work.

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