The summer is here and now is the perfect opportunity for people to get any of their roofing projects completed. If you want to bolster the outside of your home and add value, then our team of roofers in Sawbridgeworth have 20-years’ worth of experience they are willing to draw upon to ensure your dreams become a reality. RJW Roofing & Building are all about excellence and precision with their work, making us the ultimate choice for compelling results at competitive prices.

The breadth of knowledge and skill we have amassed sets us well apart from any competing roofing company in Hertfordshire or Essex. Anyone that seeks the ultimate package really has come to the right place, as we only employ tradesmen that have a diverse set of skills that can be applied to projects of any nature. To give you a flavour of what we are all about, we have listed some of our signature services and how they can be so advantageous for home improvements.

Roof Design

This is a picture of a bespoke roof design.

You don’t need to follow the norm with roofing! You could instead work alongside our team to tailor a set of plans that ensures you set the bar for roof design. We can sit with you at the start and discuss all the relevant options and how best to proceed with any work so that everything is in place swiftly and effectively. The bar always moves upwards and we are often the reason why! So, take advantage of our proactive approach to roofing and let’s add some class to your home!

New Roofs

This is a picture of a partially completed brand new roof.

You may find moving home expensive and rather long-winded, which is precisely why most people stay where they are and improve their current homes. A key area would of course be the roof, which often sets the standard across the outside area. Our team can help you start all over again and identity styles that will enhance any other parts of your building and allow you to feel more pride in where you live. Whether this is a major overall or adjustments made in one area, we are always on hand to help.

Tiled Roof

This is a picture of tiled roofing.

Sometimes the traditional way is the best way and that certainly applies to the world of roofing. We have noticed how a lot of customers are reluctant to move into more contemporary layouts and instead sticking to their guns with designs made from tiles. It’s not hard to see why since this option is still one of the best for people who want a neat and practical edge to their roofing. The most sought-after roofing materials will always be brought into play, giving customers an abundance of choice over colour and tone.

Velux Windows

This is a picture of a room with a Velux Window in place.

The summer can often be a pain to get through if you haven’t considered how to best regulate airflow around the home. To ensure you are set-up in the best possible way, we would always recommend looking into Velux Windows and in particular, the way in which they can add more practicality over the way you keep rooms feeling cool during warm weather. Another signature benefit is the style it can add to any roofing, since you will be adding more character to areas that would otherwise be bereft of a much-needed focal feature.

Garden Roofs

This is a picture of a roof with greenery.

The environment could always do with some assistance from the human race, so maybe look into garden roofs. They add more colour to roofing and give off a natural vibe which helps elevate areas that are filled with conventional houses. Anyone looking into garden roofs will find that there is ample opportunity to really make their roofing feel like it’s theirs, since you will have full creative control over the plants and features you wish to have in place.

Fat Roofs

The is a picture of a roof where some of the layout is partially flat.

If versatility is your thing, then we also provide an extensive range of services for flat roofs. The most popular material for these designs would be GRP, which is something our entire team have managed to become full certified. Later down the line, these roofs can be adapted at any stage into things like garden roofs or even terrace areas. The increase in choice and long-lasting structure makes this a great option for people who are careful about how they spend their money.

Roof Repairs

This is a picture of a damaged roof.

Don’t worry if your roof has fallen by the wayside! Our team have been exposed to all sorts of problems over the years, which means we are more than likely to find a suitable solution to your concerns. Any garage roof leaks or slipped tiles will be quickly eradicated and put back into order before you know it! We also make sure that repairs are done so that similar issues won’t ever be a concern for you again.

Soffit & Fascia

This is a picture of someone installing soffit & fascia.

After roofing work has come to an end, you will always need to think about how to round everything off in the best way. The best way for us has always been soffit & fascia, especially since these compliment just about any regular roofing layout on any home. Adding this will kit out the aesthetic with even more style and give off that all-important precision minded finish that always makes such a difference.

Guttering & Downpipes

This is a picture of guttering.

Since the weather in this country is rather annoying at the best of times, anyone living in the UK has to consider whether their home is equipped well enough for rainy conditions. The most important feature would be guttering to allow the collection of water for it to then be trickled away and out of sight from your roofing. Failure to get this into place effectively could cause unnecessary damage over tiles or slates you have fitted.

Solar Panels

This is a picture of someone installing solar panels onto a roof.

The modern age is going to be all about renewable energy and how it can save both the planet and your budget. At the very forefront is going to be solar panels and their capacity to extract natural light ready to power up entire homes. Don’t wait any longer and make this long-term investment today! The longer you wait, the more money you could be wasting in the future.

Building Work

This is a picture of someone laying bricks.

You won’t even need to call up a building company for any other areas of construction. That’s because our roofers are skilled in all manner of building tasks such as brick work. We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive service that ensures projects can be completed and ticked off all by the same set of tradesmen.

Call RJW for Roofing in Sawbridgeworth

Whether you need a roofer in Bishop’s Stortford or in Sawbridgeworth, we will be able to reach anyone right away an offer up competitive quotes for any projects. You can speak with any member of our in-house team today if you contact us direct on 01279 260 121.

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