Whenever people make the decision to overhaul their home, you will be surprised how many overlook their roofing! Unless this has also been handed some form of improvement, any projects you have may not adopt the desired finish you have been looking for. With the summer still around for a few more weeks, RJW Roofing & Building believe that our roofer Saffron Walden services are well placed to help people establish a wave of style and purpose over the entirety of their roof!

Our workforce is filled with the most forward-thinking and driven roofers in Saffron Walden that won’t stop until the optimum level of excellence has been handed to anyone they are working for. It could that you desire a traditional layout in place, or even want to push ahead with more contemporary designs! Either way, we will be able to create a bespoke plan of action that caters directly with your design preferences and any budgetary demands. If you want a full breakdown of how we can help, then read through this list of key skills we are particularly strong with.

Roof Design

Anyone that fancies themselves as a bit of a designer can work alongside us to create a stunning roof that takes on a healthy blend of character and class. There are no limits these days as the depth of material choices we have and the innovation that still circulates within the trade is growing every single day. You can sit down with our in-house team and really get into the heart of what you would like the outside to look like and decide upon the most cost-effective plan to ensure everything is completed in the most proficient way.

New Roofs

If you detest your current roof and don’t feel as if there is any room for improvement, then why not remove what you have and start all over again! Having a fresh canvas to lay down brand new roofs means there is the best possible flexibility over what can be placed down as existing materials won’t be causing any intrusion. This also means that new products can be installed in the most accurate way, allowing people to have their new roof standing tall and proud without any substantial wear and tear for many years to come.

Tiled Roofs

One of the most popular choices for roofing is still anything formed with tiles. The simple reason this solution continues to shape the industry is it’s classy vibe that gives off such a neat finish. Laying down tiles is a difficult task that only the most trained roofing companies in Saffron Walden should ever undertake, especially since even just one miss-placed tile can make the entire design look clunky and even unpleasant on the eye. We make sure that our team take their team with each project so that tiles are ordered correctly and placed down for the long-haul.

Velux Windows

We don’t want to be a roofing company that only operates with conventional services! In recent years, we have also been helping window installation services in Bishop’s Stortford such as the team at Hertfordshire Windows & Doors. Teaming up with their FENSA certified fitters has enabled us to learn all there is about Velux Windows and how they can be so beneficial to just about any roofing design. These windows allow people to easily regulate both sunlight and airflow, making sure the best levels of control are in place during the summer period.

Garden Roofs

The planet could always do with some assistance, so why not think about how you can make your home more eco-friendly! A great way to enforce a more naturally inclined atmosphere would be with garden roofs as they help create a dynamic environment that encourages wildlife to flourish. Installing garden roofs will increase the amount of colour and vibrancy you have on the outside, ensuring you are setting the right tone across your entire neighbourhood for quality and style.

Flat Roofs

Do you want something that is robust and versatile? Then the best way forward would always be flat roofing! This solution offers up a strong and compelling design that can be modified into different layouts at a later date. You could stick with something traditional and install GRP, but you also have the option to fully integrate a brand-new garden roof or even a terrace area to enjoy warm summer evenings.

Roof Repairs

You may have already invested a lot of money into your roof and simply want to restore what you currently have installed. If this is the case, then our roof repairs in Saffron Walden will ensure any small or large-scale issues are identified and then put straight within incredibly effective time-frames. After we have finished off any repairs, we won’t leave until we are completely satisfied that our workmanship is strong enough to fully deter such problems ever arising in the future again.

Soffit & Fascia

Finishing off any roofing work is another thing that often gets overlooked! Don’t tick off your project as completed until you have looked into soffit & fascia as this can make a real difference in terms of fully bolstering the outside of your home. Soffit & fascia is always the best way to keep everything neatly ordered in a compelling way that ensures the work completed gives off the stylish feel you want to have installed.

Guttering & Downpipes

We all know that the weather can be a significant issue for households when the rain starts to fall heavily. For this very reason alone, you always need to be thinking about your guttering and whether it has the capacity to keep water collected so that everything can be passed away from your home before it leads to major problems.

Solar Panels

Being able to save money on yearly energy bills is certainly a hot topic these days as many households have so many appliances in almost every single room. As we move into the future, you will find that solar panels are the most effective way of extracting natural sunlight and converting it into renewable energy. You will also be playing a key role in helping to sustain the planet!

Building Work

As a progressive roofing contractor in Saffron Walden, we are making big strives to learn about all the key aspects of general construction. You won’t need to look elsewhere if you need assistance with building work that stems away from roofing, since our entire team are multi-tradesmen with 20-years’ experience for things like brickwork and erecting timber-frames.

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