The style of your roof and it’s structural integrity can make such a huge difference for the overall tone of your home. Our roofers in Much Hadham have helped to restore and install brand new roofing across the area, giving people workmanship that can elevate any existing aesthetic and ensure snags and issues are never a cause for concern.

Here at RJW Roofing & Building, the biggest concern for our team is that any of our customers are given the workmanship they desire at competitive prices every single time. We know that overhauling a roof can be a lengthy and costly ordeal, which is why we are careful with the services we provide so that they can maximize budgets and ensure quality results are always handed. To get a sense of what we are about, why not read through this list of what we currently supply.

Roof Design

Why not start from the very beginning and help us create a plan of action that ensures you are given a roofing design that suits your unique tastes. We have worked with so many specifications over the course of 20-years’, so there is no reason why any of your dream ideas cannot end up being a reality. Our process is rigorous and effective, allowing us to establish bespoke finishes. After our work has come to an end, you can be certain that your roofing will be a signature part of your home on the outside.

New Roofs

A brand-new roof could be the very key to breathing more life into the exterior of your home. If you are in a position to start all over again, then our roofers in Much Hadham can hand you everything needed to dishevel any worn-down structures and replace them with something stunning. With a new roof installed, you will notice how other parts of your home will also benefit from a style sense as any colours and tones are likely to be enhanced to a considerable level.

Tiled Roofs

Never fear if you want to remain within the realms of traditional roofing! Our team have an abundance of proven experience with all forms of tiled roofs, allowing people to get a quintessential British vibe spread across the outside of their home. This obviously needs to be performed with accuracy and precision in mind, which is why our roofers in Much Hadham regularly attend courses in order to operate with the correct theory at the heart of everything they do.

Velux Windows

Being able to regulate the amount of exposure to fresh air you have in so important during the summer months. The best way to enhance your control would be with the installation of Velux Windows, since they are specially designed to open and close in simple fashion. So, when the temperature starts to cool, you can close up and ensure rooms are kept warm, and you can also open the window up to encourage a nice draft to enter when things start to feel a little warmer.

Garden Roofs

Fancy some more colour and vibrancy across your home? If this applies to you, then garden roofs are a great way to install some dynamism over your entire exterior. A garden roof will also entice wildlife to flourish, helping you to create an environment that is so beneficial in the on-going fight we have with climate change. Still need more convincing? Well, having greenery around your home can only be a good thing for well-being as you won’t be surrounded by dull looking bricks and timber.

Flat Roofs

One of the emerging roofing layouts we are currently supplying would be flat roofs. It isn’t hard to see why as they not only give off a quality finish but they can also be modified into things like terrace areas and garden roofs later down the line. We believe GRP is the best material to use as it provides a long-lasting and sustainable finish over any building.

Roof Repairs

If you have lived in your home for a very long time then there is every chance that your roofing may have incurred some damage. There’s no need to be concerned as our team of roofers in Much Hadham have gained exposure to all manner of roofing disasters over the last couple of decades. Whether you have noticed a minor leak around your guttering or some tiles have slipped away, we will identify anything wrong and straighten it out within incredibly swift time-frames.

Soffit & Fascia

Finishing off roofing is often just as important as the actual work itself! The best way to kit out any workmanship would be with soffit & fascia, especially since this has the capacity to truly bolster any style choices you have made. Think carefully about what colours and tones would look best with your existing aesthetic and you can expect your home to look truly breath-taking from the outside.

Guttering & Downpipes

When rain starts to fall, you may benefit from having strong and robust guttering across the outside of your home. Failure to consider how best to collect water could mean you are needlessly at risk during the more unpleasant periods of the year for weather. With guttering installed, you will be able to keep water away from your roof ready to be filtered away before it can cause any notable damage.

Solar Panels

Saving money and being a huge pioneer for the fight against climate change can easily be put into place with solar panels. This is a shrewd long-term investment that will give you more and more financial reward as the years keep passing by. So, call upon our roofers in Much Hadham today and utilise our recently acquired knowledge for this type of innovation.

Building Work

As a roofing company in Much Hadham that wants to offer so much more than their leading competitors, you won’t be surprised to see any of our team helping out with general building work. This could be laying patio slabs, working on brickwork or putting up timber frames.

Call RJW for Roofing in Much Hadham

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