The summer period offers up the prime opportunity for people to improve the style and layout of roofing they currently have in place. Why not get in touch with our roofers in Hoddesdon and see how our authentic and skill-minded craftsmanship can help bolster your home in quite astonishing ways. Here at RJW Roofing & Building, we pride ourselves on delivering care, quality and precision with every project we are tasked with.

We haven’t limited ourselves as we want to ensure any kind of roofing services are readily available as and when people need access to them. Anyone looking for repairs to be made or a complete re-design can get everything they need all by the same set of tradesmen. If you feel that now is the time to move ahead with any work, we have listed below just some of the key areas in which we can offer up some form of assistance.

Roof Design

This is a picture of a contemporary roofing design.

Nowadays, you can tailor the exact roofing layout you want in place with our in-house team of qualified designers. We know how to take any measurements into account so that you are handed something that elevates your aesthetic and keeps everything looking neat and orderly. With use of the most sought-after materials on the marketplace, we can allow our customers to get as creative as they want! So, don’t live with a home that adopts a poor roofing set-up! Get us round to bolster everything in the most effective way possible.

New Roofs

This is a picture of roofing materials which will be used for a new roofing project.

If you are currently undertaking major re-work over your home, you need to always bring your roofing into the equation. Any new brickwork or timber is going to stand out and look completely out of place unless it blends with roofing that is equally fresh and contemporary. After a new roof has been installed, you will find that the new designs will substantially lift the overall tone of your home and guarantee that anyone is blown away when they first arrive at your home. Starting all over again is often the best route since we have a blank canvas in which to provide our broad range of services.

Tiled Roofs

This is a picture of tiled roofing.

All across the country, you will often find that tiled roofs are a stable across many neighbourhoods. For this very reason alone, we have made sure that this service is still a signature part of what we can supply. Anyone that likes the idea of sticking with the norm should look into how our team can install this type of roofing with immense ease. There’s also a broad range of colours and textures to choose from, which means people can select something that has the style and structural integrity to add significant value to their homes.

Velux Windows

This is a picture of a Velux Window.

Window innovation is also part of the blueprint for us here at RJW. At the heart of what we offer would be Velux Windows as they allow people to regulate the precise amount of fresh air and sunlight they have booming through their home at any one time. The reason this model is so popular nowadays is the fact people are becoming increasingly conscious about how they can save money on yearly electricity bills. With Velux Windows, you will be able to extract natural light and reduce the likelihood that you will need to call upon electrical appliances to keep rooms sufficiently lit.

Garden Roofs

This is a picture of a garden roof.

Roofing can often look rather dull even if you have spent the time to select vibrant and high-quality roofing materials. To ensure your building always looks the part, we would recommend pushing away from conventional layouts and look into the marvellous world of garden roofs. This option would also be of great benefit to the environment as you will be able to encourage wildlife to prosper. With this installed, you will find that your well-being is also pushed into a more positive tone as a natural atmosphere often provides a calming effect.

Flat Roofs

This is a picture of a flat roof.

One of the shrewdest investments you can make would be flat roofs, owing to their versatility later down the line. After their installation, you could transform what you have into a dedicated garden area or even push the boat out further and look into how a terrace could be incorporated. Keeping everything flat is also a great choice, especially if you go for something formed with GRP. Our team are all certified with this material so expect the finest levels of quality and care to be displayed if you do choose this route.

Roof Repairs

This is a picture of a roofer conducting some repairs.

Damage over even the most sturdy and robust roofing is always a possibility in this country. Don’t worry if you have incurred some issues as we have had exposure to all sorts of problems since we first started operating 20-years’ ago. This means roof leaks, slipped tiles and loose guttering can all be put straight right away by tradesmen who know what is needed to restore things back to their former glory. What’s more, we will make sure that after we have finished our repairs, similar problems won’t ever be of any concern again.

Soffit & Fascia

This is a picture of soffit & fascia.

The finishing touches are so important with roofing work, otherwise certain materials are not going to adopt the compelling style you have been shooting for. That’s where soffit & fascia should be brought into play as they offer a precision minded edge to anything you have installed. The choice of colour and tones also means you can form something that has the capacity to blend and even enhance the outside area of your home.

Guttering & Downpipes

This is a picture of guttering trickling away water.

A heavy amount of rainfall can have an incredibly negative impact on your home unless you have carefully thought about the sort of guttering you have installed. Only by having reliable designs can you be sure that poor weather is never a concern as water is trickled away before it can start taking a stranglehold over any materials you have in place. This is often a key area of roofing that gets overlooked, but only by catering towards all components can you rest at ease when the heavens start to open.

Solar Panels

This is a picture of a roofer installing some brand new solar panels.

Renewable energy is going to be a significant part of home-living as we move into the modern age. We recommend jumping onto the band wagon early in order to see the best return over what is a shrewd long-term investment. After the initial payment is made, you will notice how you will save tons of money every year as solar panels extract natural light and turn it into energy that can be used to power things like televisions and computers.

Building Work

This is a picture of brickwork.

You don’t even need to look further if you have other building tasks that need to be done. Our team all well-versed with all aspects of construction, so everything really can be handled under the same company. The mission for RJW is to be the best and only choice for any kind of residential or commercial building projects.

Call RJW for Services in Hoddesdon

We can reach anywhere in Hertfordshire and Essex right away, so the hunt has finished for people who want the likes of a roofer in Bishop’s Stortford. If you are interested in our team and what they can supply, why not get in contact with RJW today on 01279 260 121.

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