The summer is here but certainly doesn’t last forever in this country! That’s why snapping up our roofers in Great Dunmow should be done sooner rather than later as the warm weather is ideal for us to supply any of our core services. With the sun beaming across Hertfordshire and Essex on a regular basis, we are able to proficiently work on roofs within the most suitable environment, allowing us to perform to exceptionally high standards and always well ahead of schedule.

Since 20-years’ of trade experience has been accumulated by our entire team, you can be sure that our expertise and skill will be applicable to both simple and large-scale projects. All we ask is for you to explain what you want completing and we will endeavour to create the most cost-effective plan of action we possibly can. Do you think your roof may need some alterations made? Then why not read about the key areas we can help people below.

Roof Design

This is a picture of a tiled roof.

There are no limitations to the sorts of roofs people can have nowadays, since RJW can help anyone create a bespoke layout that sets the bar for design and style. Just picture what you want in place across your home and work with us in order to formulate plans that gets this in place. Whether you want to get creative with the colour choices or materials used, taking a slightly quirky approach with your roofing could be of significant value to the overall look for your home.

New Roofs

This is a picture of the early stages behind a brand new roof.

As the years pass by, your roofing is going to have been exposed to all sorts of conditions and therefore leaving it looking a little worse for wear. This is where you should definitely think about how you could budget for a brand-new roof so that your home isn’t left in the doldrums. A brand-new roof can breathe so much life into buildings and creates a suitable platform in which to add more sophistication and purpose to any existing aesthetic.

Tiled Roofs

This is a picture of a brand new roof being installed.

With all the modern style choices you can go for these days, many people forget that a more traditional route such a tiled roofing is often still available. We certainly place this high on our list of services as we believe this is the very bedrock that has helped the roofing industry rise over the years. The main reason people still choose this over competing options would be the neat and practical finish it supplies. Having tiled roofs installed is perhaps the most concrete route to take if you simply want something that looks the part and comes with the structural integrity to last for a long time.

Velux Windows

This is a picture of a tiled roof with Velux Windows installed.

The sunshine can offer us some rather pleasant days, but also issues for the inside unless the right window models have been installed. Since we are now much more than just your average roofing company in Great Dunmow, we have developed a broad understanding of Velux Windows and why they are surging in popularity across the whole county. We believe their smooth operating mechanism makes them a great choice for people who want to easily regulate how much fresh air they want to have exposure for.

Garden Roofs

This is a picture of a garden roof.

Why not go all-out and get your very own garden placed over your roof! This is a great way to help preserve our beloved planet and ensure you are surrounded by a much more beneficial environment for general well-being. The design options are also fairly limitless and offers up the best possible freedom for people who want to completely overhaul the outside of their home. If everyone jumped aboard the garden roof train, you would probably see entire neighbourhoods filled with so much flair and vibrancy.

Flat Roofs

This is a picture of a roofer installing a flat roof.

Another one of our most popular services would be for anything that directly relates to flat roofs. Their immense versatility and quality finishes are a stable across our trade, offering people a trustworthy solution that has demonstrated history of supplying incredible value for money. Over recent years, we have dived deep within the inner workings of this service and made sure our team are all certified with GRP roofing. This material oozes class and gives off the most stunning transformation when laid down correctly.

Roof Repairs

This is a roofer working on a roof.

Any existing roofs that may have incurred some structural damage at some stage can always be put straight by us here at RJW. Our team will ascertain the issue and decide upon the best course of action that rectifies everything so that these concerns won’t ever arise in the future. Just some of the many roofing repairs we have completed would be for gutter leaks, loose tiles and fascia amendments.

Soffit & Fascia

This is a picture of soffit & fascia.

Need some help with the final touches for roofing work? Then soffit & fascia is always the best choice as it keeps any materials looking incredibly neat. Prospective customers will have a wide selection of design choices at their disposal, giving you the prime opportunity to bolster the outside of your home even further!

Guttering & Downpipes

This is a picture of guttering.

After the summer comes to an end, we will likely be exposed to the joyous nature of British rain on a regular basis. This is why having reliable guttering installed is so incredibly important, otherwise your roofing could end up being at serious risk. We will make sure that any guttering you have will be able to easily collect and move water away, whilst also blending the materials used with any existing roofing you have.

Solar Panels

This is a picture of solar panels.

The modern age of home design is going to be hugely defined by the highly innovative solar panels. This concept will be used by people who want to save money every year on electricity bills as they extract natural sunlight and convert it into re-usable energy. Solar panels are one of the leading ways we as a nation can put the necessary pillars in place so that the planet is looked after more effectively in the future.

Building Work

This is a picture of building work being undertaken.

You won’t even need to look further if you want more building services! RJW have a team that fully understand how to complete any building projects, so hand us your plans and let’s see how we could be of assistance. Some areas we are particularly clued up would be general brickwork and the construction of new timber-frames.

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Do you think RJW may be the roofing company in Great Dunmow you have been looking for? Then get in contact with us today by calling 01279 260 121 for this and things like roofing in Bishop’s Stortford. This post was written by the editor of the RJW website, Lewis Camp.

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