The warmer conditions we experience at this time of year make it perfect for our team of roofers in Cheshunt to get underway with any brand-new projects. Here at RJW Roofing & Building, we have the performance levels and know-how to ensure prospective customers are handed tailored workmanship that elevates the outside of homes and keeps everything within any budgetary requirements. With so much currently on offer, there really hasn’t been a better time to think about how you could completely transform the layout of your roofing.

We are well versed with both traditional and modern designs, making us the perfect choice for style and versatility. You can get the perfect roofing installed within incredibly effective time-frames, allowing people to experience very minimal disruption over their regular routine. Do you think you might be interested in what we can offer? Then take a look below at just some of the areas of roofing we can help today.

Roof Design

This is a picture of a brand new tiled roof.

If you own your home and want everything to look like it represents you own personality, then don’t forget about your roofing! With use of our unrivalled expertise within the roofing trade, you will be able to create something bespoke from scratch. This allows people to really get involved with the way they want their home to look from the outside, making sure you are living withing a building that you can be proud of once more.

New Roofs

This is a picture of a tiled rood that is formed with a pitched layout.

Your home may look the part but any roofing that hasn’t been installed properly is going to make everything fall from the wayside. This is where our services for new roofs come into play, since this can inject the sort of class and sophistication needed to bolster any existing aesthetic in the most effective way. Allowing us to start from a blank canvas means work can go ahead with minimal issues as we have no existing materials that we need to work around.

Tiled Roofs

This is a picture of a half completed tiled roof.

For people that like to keep their homes looking traditional, then perhaps think about a tiled roofing solution. Taking this approach means our roofers can keep your design looking neat and practical throughout. There’s also more options over colours and textures than you might think, which means you can put together plans that have the capacity to add substantial style to your home. So, don’t worry if you are not ready to move into the new age of roofing! We can keep your building within the confines of what you know best.

Velux Windows

The is a picture of a Velux Window which as been opened up.

The summer is pleasant but does pose some issues within homes unless the right window models have been installed. As a roofing company that now works within this trade, we have developed a broad understanding of Velux Windows and how they can assist people in such an effective way when it comes to the extraction of natural light and fresh air. Not only do they improve practicality, Velux Windows also offer people a stylish focal feature for visitors to behold over the roofing.

Garden Roofs

This is a picture of a roof which has greenery present.

Having a natural environment scattered around your home means you are playing a key role in preserving the planet and also means you are enhancing your well-being. This is yet another great opportunity to get creative with your roofing and ensures your own personality is incorporated within everything that’s in place. Adding a garden roof will inject a surge of colour that will lift homes filled with dull looking bricks and cement.

Flat Roofs

This is a picture of a flat roof.

Over recent years, we have seen a significant rise in the popularity for flat roofs. We believe the core reason is down to how they can be modified at a later date into different layouts. The most common choices would be a brand-new garden roof or an area that can be transformed into a terrace. Did you know? RJW are all certified with GRP, which means we can lay down this material in direct accordance to the most important regulations.

Roof Repairs

This is a picture of someone repairing a roof.

Anyone that likes their current roofing but needs some areas to be restored should definitely enquire about our range of roof repair services. It really doesn’t matter what level of damage you have been inflicted with as we have gained exposure to all sorts of problems over the course of 20-years’. Some of the more frequent issues we are regularly tasked with would be leaks, slipped tiles and loose guttering. Whatever you need help with, get us round today for any assistance.

Soffit & Fascia

This is a picture of soffit & fascia.

Have you come to an end with any roofing work and want to know how to finish everything off? Then always consider the precision minded and stylish looking soffit & fascia. No roof can really adopt the layout you want unless you have neatly rounded what you have effectively. Our team are proven experts at creating the right solutions that kit out homes to the very highest of standards every single time.

Guttering & Downpipes

This is a picture of someone installing guttering.

As the weather continues to be rather unpredictable all-throughout the year, we think customers are better to think about their guttering above all else. With guttering properly installed, you will have an effective method in which to collect large amounts of rainwater and then filter it away before it can build-up and lead to more problems.

Solar Panels

This is a picture of solar panels.

You may have noticed that certain neighbourhoods are loaded with the latest designs for solar panels. The main reason people have jumped onto this innovation would be the fact it saves tons of money over their yearly electricity bills. This is one of the best investments you can make as you will definitely feel the financial benefits as the years keep passing by after you make any initial payments.

Building Work

This is a picture of bricks being laid.

We don’t want there to ever be any limitations for us here at RJW! Teams such as our roofers in Bishop’s Stortford can even help with general building work! This ensures you get any of your construction projects done and ticked off by the same set of tradesmen.

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