Your roof should never be left behind if you are over-seeing any form of home improvements! The outside areas leaves the first impression and often sets the tone for the entire building! This means our roofers in Bishop’s Stortford are ready to help people who feel their current aesthetic is a little unpleasant on the eye with a wealth of tried and trusted services currently on offer.

Now that we are deep in the heart of the summer, there is no better time to delve into some major roofing improvement. This could be a complete overhaul or some minor additions that may make all the difference. To see what we can supply in Bishop’s Stortford and how it could benefit your building, why not read through the current areas we can assist with right here at RJW Roofing & Building.

Flat Roofs

This is a picture of a flat roof which has been installed onto a commercial building.

Since our team are fully accredited with GRP certifications, we will be able to plan out and install the very finest flat roof solutions around. Most homes still adopt the traditional pitched roof layouts, so opting for a flat roof alternative could make you stand out from the crowd. You will also benefit from its versatility, since flat roofs could later be transformed into a garden area of a terraced set-up to help you host parties out in the open.

Soffit & Fascia

This is a picture of soffit & fascia being used to compliment guttering.

After the main bulk of roofing work has come to an end, you will always need to think about how to best finish off the job. We have always been huge advocates for soffit & fascia as they offer a precision minded edge to any roofing designs. Choose from a number of colour variations and sizes to ensure you have picked out something that not only compliments your home but actually takes it to the very next level for design and sophistication.

Roof Repairs

This is a picture of a man repairing a roof.

It may be the case that you are happy with the roof you have in place but simply need some repairs made to get everything back into shape. We have had exposure to projects all off shapes and sizes for over 20-years’, meaning we are well equipped to take on any challenge. Whether a tile has come loose, or you are experiencing some form or leak, we will get to the heart of the problem and work out the most suitable course of action right away.

Garden Roofs

This is a picture of a garden roof.

The natural parts of our world are always in need of your help, so perhaps think about transforming parts of your roof into a garden! With this in place, you can add so much character and flair to your home, allowing you to really flex those creative muscles in the best way imaginable. Having a garden placed over your home will encourage wildlife to pay a visit and ensures you are playing a significant role in maintaining the environment as the world continues to struggle against a rising number of building projects that threaten to invade natural areas.

Velux Windows

This is a picture of a loft which is being lit up by two Velux Windows.

Making sure you have suitably set your home up for the warmer parts of the year is pretty important! One of the best ways to achieve this would be with Velux Windows, allowing you to easily open up and close out the amount of sunlight and fresh air you want to enter your home at any one time. They also act as a prominent focal feature that can help elevate dull looking roofs into a design that feels more contemporary and with the current times.

Guttering & Downpipes

This is a picture of white guttering.

Unless to have properly equipped the outside of your home with reliable guttering, you may be at serious risk when the rain starts to pour. Guttering will ensure substantial amounts of water are never a cause for concern as it will be trickled away in efficient fashion. This also means you can safeguard the roofing you have installed and therefore reduce the likelihood of needing repairs to be made after a period of poor weather.

Tiled Roofs

This is a picture of a tiled roof.

Do you want to keep your home within the realms of traditional design? Then our team are proven experts at handling all manner of tiled roofs that cater towards just about any tastes. The number of materials we can call upon these days is astounding, allowing us to provide precisely what customers want to have in place. With accuracy at the heart of everything we do, we will make all tiled roofs look like they have been measured and thought out to perfection.

Building Work

This is a picture of a man laying down bricks.

We want to be more than just a roofing company that carries out regular work within our trade! That’s why we also make sure our tradesmen are well versed with all aspects of construction so that any brickwork can also be taken care of. With our growing expertise at play, you can get all your building projects done and dusted all by the same team.

Solar Panels

This is a picture of a roof with solar panels present.

Home-living is continuing to experience innovation of a regular basis with solar panels widely acknowledged as one of the leading ideas. We are working on services that can ensure anyone can get these installed so that they can reap the financial rewards later down the line. This is also a great way to help the environment since your building won’t be so reliant on non-natural appliances to keep your home running.

New Roofs

This is a picture of a house which is having a brand new roof installed.

Sometimes it’s much easier to rip up everything you have in place and start again! Our team can sit down with you and discuss what options may be available so that you can brush aside any worn-down roofing and transform it into something you can be proud of. We are also incredibly efficient at our job, so expect the time between our initial consultation and final conclusion to be effective for all involved.

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