The year really is flying by with the summer months now coming up around the corner! It could well be the case that people are beginning to plan out any home improvements, which could of course involve any form of roofing design or installations.

We are growing all the time and ready to hand out our roofers in Bishop’s Stortford to help people get brand new innovation and style added to the outside of their home. Our tradesmen know what you will need to enjoy the summer season in the best way, which is why they have listed the following as the most appropriate roofing solutions you should look to have implemented in the future.

Solar Panels

Since the summer means we are going to be exposed to far more heat than usual, then perhaps you could reap the rewards from having solar panels installed. This model thrives during bright and warm conditions, as it draws in natural light and converts it into energy for use across the home.

With these in place, you are not only playing a huge role in helping our treasured environment, but you can expect to save so much money on your annual bills. It’s also much easier for our team to get this done now, since poor weather conditions shouldn’t be a concern during the installation process.

Green Roofs

Since you’re likely to spending a considerable amount of time outside, why not re-design your roof so that a garden can be incorporated in some way. Having a garden roof is an amazing way to brighten up your home and give you a more pleasant aesthetic to gaze upon.

Your personality can be sprinkled across the project, allowing you to get really creative with the design and execution stages. Much like solar panels, you are also helping the natural parts of the world, as wildlife is likely to start thriving around your home.

Velux Windows

When the summer comes round, one of the biggest concerns is how to best regulate the flow of air passing through each room. A prime spot would be any lofts, as they are high above the ground and hugely exposed without the benefit of any shading.

With all this in mind, the RJW team would always recommend that you place Velux Windows across your roofing, since this will allow you to adjust how much exposure you need to fresh air. You can also shut them out completely if you want to spend some time away from sunlight.

RJW Can Help Now

If you need some help with roofing over the next few months, then you can always call upon the RJW team to provide some much needed assistance. With roofing services across Hertfordshire and Essex, we are certain to have the right solutions to suit your needs.

You can get in contact with us now easily if you call our team on 01279 260 121. We can then discuss what you are looking for and work out the best course of action to deliver exceptional results.

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