Many people look into brand new house extensions or general renovations, without realising that bolstering their roofing could be the key to unlocking a new wave of style and purpose. At RJW Roofing & Building, we are well aware of the latest trends and ideas that continue to shape our industry, allowing people to achieve great results no matter what budget they have to hand.

We truly believe that re-defining your roof and enhancing the layout is such an effective method of not only encouraging more sophistication, but also allowing you to enjoy your time spent at home so much more. Our team have decided to highlight just some of the many ways you can incorporate roofing décor and how it can have such an amazing effect over the outside of your property.

New Paint Job

It could be as simple as painting over your roof with a brand new coating. Over time, there is every chance that your existing structure could have faded and lost its stylist edge. This means getting your paint brush out and working over the areas that seem to be letting your roof down.

You may even need to oversee a thorough roofing paint job, in which case it may be advisable to use something like a spray gun, allowing you to cover all the key areas in a more efficient and time-productive fashion.

Add Nature

There is no doubting the fact garden roofs are starting grow in popularity all across Hertfordshire and Essex! This comes down to the fact we live in a society that is now incredibly conscious about how our homes could be affecting the environment.

Not only do garden roofs reduce your carbon foot-print, they also provide an excellent platform in which to get creative and add some flair to your roofing layout. This is such a great way to install your personality over your home!

Install a New Terrace

If you are someone that’s recently had GRP roofing incorporated within their home, you could take advantage of the flat surface you now have in place and get some kind of terracing incorporated. With this in place, you will have more space and the perfect environment in which to enjoy summer evenings.

There really is no limit to the size of terrace you choose as this generally comes down to the purpose you want it used for. Some people even go full throttle and construct something that can host parties! What an amazing selling point this could be for your home!

Need Some Help?

You are more than welcome to call upon our roofers in Bishop’s Stortford to help you on your way to true roofing style! All we need is a general plan and we can ensure you are handed stunning results every single time.

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