One of the most common debates to have taken place across the roofing trade is whether people should opt for pitched or flat designs. There are pros and cons for each, which means choosing the layout you want really does come down to the type of functionality and style you would like installed within your home.

We have taken a close at what both materials can provide, paying close attention to the core reasons they should be considered ahead of its main rival. So, venture with RJW Roofing & Building as our team put pitched and flat roofs directly against each other!

Why You Should Choose Pitched Roofs

If you are all about traditional roofing, then pitched roofs are the best for blending with typical home designs seen across the country. This will also be hugely advantageous when it comes to planning, as most leading authorities tend to lean more favourably to designs that fit the current aesthetic being displayed by surrounding buildings.

Further down the line, you will also be able to incorporate things like roof lanterns and Velux windows, both of which improve the exposure you have to natural light. You will find this is one of the most effective ways of opening up rooms and enticing some kind of vibrancy.

More room will also be made available with pitched roofs, giving you ample opportunities to maximise the space you have available. Given how expensive moving can be nowadays, you may find that extending your existing property wherever possible could be more financially rewarding.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Pitched Roofs

You will find that any pitched roofs are likely to cost more compared to flat alternatives, since they take far longer to plan and install. We have recently upped our contingency of roofers in Bishop’s Stortford, as we deploy separate teams to carry out certain roofing services in accordance to specific time-frames. That means customers can always get the workmanship they need completed effectively and on time.

Many buildings like bungalows may not be suited to pitched roofs as they don’t have the structural credentials to have this put into place. You also need to think about how big your proposed design is going to be, since large-scale pitched roofs could end up blocking other home’s from sunlight.

Why You Should Choose Flat Roofs

Far less materials and time is ever needed to complete flat roofs! That means prices are cheaper even if you go for something on the higher end like GRP roofing. You really could have everything in place not long after the initial plans are put into place.

Flat roofs are much better for people who want to hand their home a more contemporary edge. It’s rising popularity means you won’t be left behind as more people snap up these solutions across your neighbourhood. In the future, you can even install things like garden roofs, helping you get your own taste and personality scattered across your roofing.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Flat Roofs

Space will always be compromised with flat roofs, which means the room you have available within the interior could be an issue. That means any loft conversions or home extensions would need to put on hold until certain adjustments are made.

Energy efficiency is also a major flaw with flat roofs, as they lose heat at a far quicker rate. You also won’t be able to counter this with solar panels since they are better suited to pitched roofs in order to face the sun properly.

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