Since we are nearing the summer months, you may decide that the outside area of your home could use a makeover. We believe that one of the best ways to enhance the level of style in place would be painting over any existing roofing structure.

Our services for new roofs and roof design are centred around painting over people’s roofs, allowing people to experience an incredible uplift over the aesthetic their home currently adopts. So, is this something you have been thinking about? Why not read our guide on how to complete this work to exceptional standards!

Inspect your Roof

In order for any painting work to get underway, you will need to make sure any existing roofing is safe to be operated over. This means closely looking out for any cracks or holes that could hinder the overall quality of your proposed paint job.

It’s also paramount that you have a full understanding of how large the surface area is and how much paint is needed to cover the whole roof. Always conduct inspections with adherence to stringent health and safety, which means protective equipment and scaffolding are vital.

Get Everything Clean

Some roofs have never actually been thoroughly cleaned over, so make you have worked over yours before any painting can begin. This has to be done from top to bottom, otherwise you may miss certain areas.

We would always recommend using a pressure washer to tackle even the most ingrained grime and filth. You can get right into the heart of any tiles and slates, making sure they are cleansed in the best possible way.

Painting the Roof

Firstly make sure anything that could be inflicted with paint has been removed whilst you are applying the over-spray. This could be anything surrounding your garden shed or general furniture. Also keep an eye on the weather so you are sure rainfall won’t compromise anything you have worked on.

When you are using a spray gun, you will always need to keep yourself working at a suitable distance. These are powerful tools and could drench you and any clothing pretty fast!

Use a smooth and methodical spraying action when you are moving up and down the roof. Don’t ever swing aggressively! You must keep everything calm and collected to guarantee the finish is befitting of high quality.

Always start at the very top and of the roof and gradually work your way down to any soffit & fascia or guttering you have installed. Work over the whole roof twice in order to ensure any blotches or scuffs are completely painted over.

RJW are Ready to Assist!

Do you want any help with things like tiled roofs or Velux Windows? These are just two of the services we have available here at RJW Roofing & Building. Get in contact with our team now on 01279 260 121 to learn more about what we can provide you today.

We offer free no obligation quotes for any projects and provide an extensive level of safeguarding to you and any tradesmen that get working on your building.

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