Flat roofs are a great choice for people looking to add some style and purpose to their home! However, much like other roofing materials, there are a number of key issues that could arise if the right levels of maintenance are not put into place over the course of each year.

RJW Roofing & Building are well versed with everything that revolves around roof repairs and what’s needed to keep them looking stylish. With so many flat roofs across Hertfordshire & Essex, our team of Bishop’s Stortford roofers have drawn on their 20-years’ experience to discuss what you need to look out for when looking after your flat roof design.

Weather Damage

Since flat roofs are without the slant that comes from pitched roofing, you could be at serious risk of water build-up and pooling during rainy weather conditions. When it comes to comparing pitched roofs with flat roofs, you can see why people would go for the former as this concern is greatly reduced with an increase in functionality for general water-flow.

After your flat roof has been installed, you may notice that the surface is not quite as level as it was to begin with. This even includes things like GRP roofing, where the products used could end up dipping and causing small divots in which water could remain trapped. It’s therefore vital that you get the right roofing repairs underway before the damage ends up causing leaks.


More pressure is often handed to flat roofs. This is another thing that slanted designs can counter against since their structure can spread any weight evenly. Unless you think about how pressure could impact your flat roof, there is every chance major cracking could end up taking place.

This is something that can’t be done with the use of simple roofing tips! You will instead need to call around professional roofing tradesmen who know the best methods in which to correct any issues effectively.


Any materials used for flat roofs could end up peeling away if they are exposed to a consistent amount of heat. This generally comes down to any flashing starting to expand, leaving you with the possibility of moisture being able to build up fairly easily.

This is perhaps the one maintenance task that needs to considered the most frequently. Make regular inspections every week to check that whatever has been used for your flat roof still has the right levels of precision and quality throughout.

RJW are Ready to Help Now!

With so many teams readily available, you can be sure that RJW are always the best choice for all manner of brand new roofing installations or repairs. You can get creative with garden roofs or entice brand new waves of light with the installation of roof lanterns. Simply tell us what you want and we can get to work right away.

With the use of HBXL Estimating Software, you can be sure that even large-scale projects likes solar panels will be priced up fairly and accurately every single time. So, get in contact with us on 01279 260 121 right now!

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