The team at RJW Roofing & Building are fascinated by the history of our trade! Learning more about the ideas that have formulated what we see today is a huge point of focus for just about any of the roofing services we provide across Hertfordshire and Essex right now.

One of the key areas we operate that has a substantial amount of history for roofing would be Bishop’s Stortford. For this reason, our in-house Bishop’s Stortford roofer has always paid close attention to buildings like The Black Lion and iconic Bishop’s Stortford College, looking at how these landmarks have re-defined themselves over the years with the roof they have in place.

There is no question that no matter where you are based around the country, you are likely to be surrounded by buildings that have been designed in accordance to all the trends and innovation that has driven the roofing industry over the years.

Where did Roofing Begin?

If you want an early indication as to the very first instance of roofing, then we must journey all the way back to the Ice Age. During this period, it was fairly common for humans to use skin from mammoths and other large animals to help shelter their buildings during intense storms.

The core structure for these designs would be mostly made up from nearby sticks and stones, helping to re-enforce some kind of solidity. People then placed a coating of mud to keep the framework and skin connected together effectively.

How Has Roofing Shaped the World?

All over the world, you are likely to see major cities known for their distinctive style of roofing. Some of these ideas even pre-date what we have in the United Kingdom since both thatched and tiled roofing was first seen across all the key countries around Asia.

In countries like Japan during the years 1300 to 300 BC, there is evidence that some of the first people to take up settlement used straw and wood to create stylish thatched roofs that could resist the many earthquakes experienced on a regular basis.

What About Great Britain?

When it comes to our own country, the most common roofing material used first was concrete roofs during the 1960’s. This was due to the fact they were commercially viable to manufacture and provided homeowners with a reliable structure over their property.

It wasn’t until 10-years later that we started to see a surge in both tiled and slate roofs, since it was commonly cheaper to get these shipped over from other locations around Europe.

RJW Can Help Today!

To find out more about the roofing trade, why not get in contact with the team here at RJW today on 01279 260 121. Are you looking for innovation? Then we can help with solar panels! Do you want to help preserve the planet? Then our team can assist you with garden roofs! Whatever you need and where ever you are based across Hertfordshire and Essex, we will be able to give you all the help you could possibly need!

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