One of the most effective ways in which to improve the functionality of your home would be with the installation of brand new Velux Windows. These models really are the prime choice for anyone looking for easy and effective ways to regulate both sunlight and fresh air across certain rooms.

We have a dedicated team of Roofers in Bishop’s Stortford who are well versed in this particular type of installation, having offered tailored solutions across the town for over 20-years. They have closely analysed the core things that come from this work and why it forms such an integral part for quality craftsmanship.  

Stage One

With the use of a pencil, you will firstly need to mark the rough area you would like your Velux Windows to be installed on the rafter.

Stage Two

Any battens and felt will need to be removed in order to give exposure to any of the core roofing materials in place. The slates and tiles can now be lifted upwards and removed, making sure you pull between each of the rafters. There now needs to be a clear space in which the window can be installed in a flush and methodical manner.

Stage Three

Measure the space you have created and only proceed further when you are certain your model will fit properly. You can then secure both the support battens in place, ensuring they have been placed down securely.

Stage Four

The insulation collar now needs to be created by clipping the corners so that they join together and then positioned ready for the main frame to be installed.

Stage Five

You can now detach the window frame from its sash by unlocking it from the hinge. The brackets can then be re-positioned and lifted into the main opening. Finally, screw them into the bracket holes, passing through the batten in order to secure the bottom area.

Stage Six

The sash now needs to be reattached into the frame by using curved hinges. These need to be lined up with the corresponding slots that make up the frame’s structure.

Stage Seven

An under-felt collar needs to be placed at an appropriate angle to ensure you can easily trickle away water that could cause damage. This needs to be done tightly in order to enforce the best possible solidity.

Stage Eight

Any guttering will also be required to ensure your window has the best protection during adverse weather conditions.

Stage Nine

Tiles now need to be installed across the underside of your window. Then, look into the type of flashing required for your particular model and press it down before screwing into place.

RJW Can Install Velux Windows

We have the means in which to install all manner of Velux Windows Today! Simply get in contact with RJW on 01279 260 121 in order for us to offer up free no obligation quotes on any of your projects. With an ever growing contingent of tried and trusted roofers, we currently have teams for Hertford Roofers and even Sawbridgeworth Roofers ready for action!

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