Sporting stadiums are often a reflection of the architectural design that was around during their construction. This has paved the way for a huge variety of roofing structures to be formulated, creating distinct and often iconic sights for people to behold.

RJW Roofing & Building have decided to take a close look at what we consider to be the most recognisable and how they have managed to re-define and revolutionise the way roofs are designed for certain stadium layouts.

Wembley Stadium (London)

This is the home of English football and plays host to both international games and a number of cup finals during each season. It’s modern design is sleek and perfectly demonstrates the new wave of modern stadium design we see today.

The most recognised feature is definitely the arch, which sits across the main roofing structure. This can often be seen lit up during evening games or occasions in which the world’s most famous artists play out concerts.

Centre Court (London)

Despite being a fairly recent addition, the retractable roof at the Wimbledon Championships has made playing practicalities so much easier. We all know the British weather is highly unpredictable even in the summer, which is why this modern innovation is such a great idea!  

World class players from all corners of the globe descend upon Wimbledon each year, trying to get their hands on perhaps the most lucrative prize in the whole of tennis. Home fans were delighted in 2013, when Scotsman Andy Murray ended a long wait for a British winner.

Allianz Arena (Munich)

Germany are well known for their footballing heritage and particularly leading the way for impressive football stadiums. Since 2005, the Allianz Arena has been the pioneer for class as it changes colour according to the opposition team being welcomed in.

The arena is home to Bayern Munich, who have endured great success both within Germany and a number of European competitions. When it comes to British interest, most Chelsea fans will be particularly fond of the 2012 Champions League final, where they beat the home favourites to claim their maiden crown.

The Bird’s Nest (Beijing)

One of the most memorable images from the 2008 Olympic games in China has to be the incredible Bird’s Nest Stadium. There really is no other design like it across the world, adopting an intricate layout that oozes sophistication.

If you ever get the chance to visit Beijing, then we would highly recommend visiting the stadium at night, since its lighting is a stunning sight to take in.

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