We are now in the summer months and without the concerns that come from poor weather conditions. That still doesn’t mean you should undertake any roofing work without making sure what you have selected is capable of resisting staunch rain storms when they make their return later in the year.

Since RJW Roofing & Building operate across all the main seasons, we are well aware of how to equip your roof in the best way, making sure everything is structurally sound and ready to combat the winter. To give you a sense of what’s required, we have highlighted some simple tips on how you can completely waterproof your roof today.

Remove Debris

When the rains starts to fall, any areas that are made up with leaves or general debris are going to cause a build-up. Once water starts to collect in certain areas, you could be at serious risk of leaks or major structural damage. To avoid this, make sure any wayward leaves or branches are removed immediately before they have any chance of absorbing rainfall when it arrives.

Cut Down Trees

The next step along would be to identify parts of your home that could provide unwanted leaves or branches. If you have any trees or bushes nearby, then these need to be cut back and maintained all-year round.

Replace Missing Materials

Any roofs that are built up with materials like slates or tiles are susceptible to large openings taking effect. This needs to be avoided right away and can be done so by replacing any missing parts and delving into the necessary roof repairs. It’s also dangerous to have things hanging by a thread, since they could fall from great height and severely injure someone.

Insulate Your Loft

In order to safeguard the outside of your home, you should probably pay some initial attention to the interior. Making sure your loft has been correctly insulated will help maintain the right temperature levels needed to avoid any damage to your roofing structure.


Water can be trickled away from your home quite easily if you install some form of guttering & downpipes. With these positioned all around your roofing, you will be able to encourage water to pass down effectively into any drains.

Water Repellent

If you are really wary of how much damage could be inflicted due to poor conditions, then the ultimate step would be laying down water repellent. This is an incredibly difficult task, so make sure you use our Bishop’s Stortford roofer services if you want this installed.

Contact RJW Now

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