Over time, there is every chance that your roof could incur some kind of structural damage. Unless any core issues are taken care of swiftly, you could be running the risk of causing even more upheaval over the main layout of your home.

Here at RJW Roofing & Building, we have made sure that Roof Repairs are firmly placed among our range of Roofing Services as we want to help people who have suffered problems as a result of poor weather conditions or faulty materials.

We have therefore decided to breakdown some of the most important factors behind repairing roofs and how you can get everything back in order. On the other hand, RJW have a number of teams across Hertfordshire such as our contingent or Roofers in Bishop’s Stortford who can offer you professional advice at your convenience.

The Major Indicators

It’s vitally important that you regularly check the state of your roof as early detection of problems can make any subsequent work far easier. There are a number of things you need to take a close eye out for which includes any broken tiles, rotten timbers and damp patches.  

Assess the Problems

Most roofing companies would recommend you closely analyse the state of your roof at least twice a year. The most important areas are the junctions and any parts where the direction of the roof significantly changes.

If you are happy that there is a safe platform in place to check the underside of your roof, then this should also be part of your assessment. You need to gauge whether there is any significant water damage and locate the source of the problem right away.

Hire the Right People

If you decide to take the professional route for your roof repairs, then there’s a number of individuals that will need to get involved in some capacity. Firstly, the roofer will identify any minor problems and work out which people are necessary in relation to the type of damage being analysed.

These will all be tradesmen and building experts that can use their skillset to break down issues and work out a suitable course of action. Some of the most common people usually called upon are surveyors and structural engineers.

Different Types of Roof

Tiled Roofs
Strong winds and heavy rainfall can often cause Tiled Roofs to come loose and ultimately fall away. This will cause the outside of your home to look unsightly, which means instantly working out how you can replace them is of paramount importance.

The first step will be to replace any loose slates or tiles. As you work along, keep checking for any cracking or build-up of any substances that can absorb water. Finally, have a look out for any decay setting in over the main timber.

Flat Roofs
If you have a Flat Roof in place, you will need to be wary of the material which formulates the main structure. The most common choices are usually lead, zinc and copper.

You need to check for any holes, cracks and areas that could help to build up a large amount of water. If you discover substantial problems, then you must take instant emergency action and use any products at hand such as Mastic to cover up damage.

RJW Can Repair Your Roof

Don’t worry if you have incurred structural problems over your roof! Simply get in contact with RJW on 01279 260 121 and we can dispatch someone to assess and then tackle any of your issues.

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