If you have decided that you want a brand new roofing structure placed over the top of your building, you are obviously going to need the existing materials to be taken away. This is a highly specialised roofing service that requires careful planning and execution for the best possible results.

As always, you can call upon our dedicated roofers in Bishop’s Stortford to help with this ordeal, since they have over 20-years’ experience of taking on these kinds of projects over the whole of Hertfordshire. Since many of us have quite a lot of time of our hands, you could even undertake such work for yourself if you follow our simple and effective guide on how to remove old roofs.

Stage One

You firstly need some kind of rubbish container to be positioned somewhere for easy loading. We recommend putting it directly underneath one of the lower eaves, since this will allow you to drop down unwanted slates, tiles or any other roofing material much more easily. It’s also important to keep your driveway and things like garden sheds safe, which means placing down plywood is of paramount importance.

Stage Two

Making any roof repair work more proficient can be done with ease if you cover any nearby foliage with reinforced plastic tarps. Also remember your doors and windows, both of which need to have plywood covering implemented.

Stage Three

Any old shingles can now be removed completely from the existing roofing structure, using sturdy and reliable shovels. You can keep doing this until you have taken down a majority of the material as this will make subsequent removal work easier. Then clean the roof thoroughly with a broom, taking away any remaining debris.

Stage Four

The ventilation holes can now be completely felted over. After this has been completed, make sure you snap your shingle layout lines and place down a suitable lath to ensure you have the best possible wind and rain resistance in place.

Stage Five

It’s quite common for small fasteners to remain intact despite all the cleaning work you will have undertaken up to this point. To ensure they are also taken away from the roof, you will need to use some kind of magnetised piece of equipment to help pick them out for removal.

Stage Six

We are all about efficiency here at RJW Roofing & Building! That’s why our team always reduce the amount of time they move up and down ladders by strategically placing all the new shingles across the roof in one visit. You must make sure you select the right kind of material you need and ensure you have measured how much is required to complete the new roof.

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