Leaks can be a key source of concern for many households, leaving people with major structural damage. Unless you implement the right roofing repairs, these issues could develop into a complete nightmare for any homeowner!

RJW Roofing & Building don’t want people to live with the fear that comes from faulty roofing! In order to safeguard yourself and your home, make sure you read through these incredibly common causes for leaking to take place within roofing structures.

Poor Drains

Drains are meant to be helpful during rainstorms but can actually enhance problems if they are designed incorrectly or come with their own troubles. Having drains that clog things up will put more strain on the filtering system and potentially cause a major wave of water to take a stranglehold over the outside area. You must make sure you act quickly, especially since major restorations could end up costing a lot of money.


Anything that may puncture the roofing structure is known as a penetration object. This includes things like pipes since they could quite easily pierce roofing and open up unwanted gaps. If this ever does take place, then roofing leaks are highly likely since they can enter buildings with relative ease. Make regular inspections and be thorough as certain areas might have concealed problems not easily identifiable at first glance.

Damage to Membrane

Membrane is more than likely to split as the years keep passing by. After this takes its inevitable effect, water is all but certainly going to find its way into your home. When you conduct any roofing checks, this should always be very high on your list as the problems caused are among the most substantial.

Age of the Roof

Although most roofing materials have the capacity to oversee fairly long and prosperous lifespans, they are not going to last you forever! The products that do seem to last the longest are the emerging GRP substance and anything formed with slates. At the other end of the spectrum, any thatched or garden designs are probably going to deteriorate only a few years after they were first installed.

Poor Workmanship

Always hire professional roofers to conduct any work, otherwise you could experience a host of problems later down the line. The ultimate test for any roofing work is of course the weather, so any poor workmanship is going to be exposed to the fullest extent. We make sure all our services for roofer Bishop’s Stortford are reliable and guaranteed to shield people against any leaks.

RJW are Ready to Help You Today

Do you live in Hertfordshire or Essex? Then RJW can offer you a wide range of roofing services right now! Whether you need some minor adjustments made or brand new designs put into place, we are always the best choice for precision, style and results! You can contact RJW now on 01279 260 121 to learn about what we offer and how this could help you today! Our team are seeking new projects and can’t wait to help people right away!

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