Have you ever wondered what the fundamentals are for building any kind of roof? Well the roofers in Bishop’s Stortford we have here at RJW Roofing & Building have decided to lay out the most essential components for you within this guide. Here, you will be able to learn more about the planning and execution of quality roofing with adherence to both practical and theoretical elements.

It’s firstly worth pointing out that any of this work can easily be handled by roofing professionals across Hertfordshire and Essex. However, if you think roofing is a profession you could take on yourself, why not read through these basic steps and think about how they could be incorporated within anything you look to undertake.

The Style

There are now so many roofing styles to pick from so think about what sort of aesthetic you want your home to adopt. On one hand, you could go for conventional tiled or slate designs, or venture away from the norm with something made completely with metal.

One of the emerging solutions we are looking to carry out would be garden roofs as they are stylistically pleasing and help the environment. This is a great way to add some colour to the outside of your building and encourage wildlife to flourish.

Think About the Weather

Here in the United Kingdom, we are subjected to pretty versatile weather conditions all through the year. If you are concerned about how the weather could affect your roofing, then you obviously need to select designs that can resist both warm and cool climates.

In order to shield against heavy rainfall, we would recommend choosing pitched roofs over flat roofs as they can channel water away with relative ease. For areas that endure hot spells, why not think about flat roof made from GRP as they are formulated to counterattack intense heat.

Where is the Roof Located?

Seems obvious but the area in which your roof is positioned will largely dictate any additional components that may need to be installed. For example, if you live somewhere surrounded by trees and bushes, you may need to think carefully about where you place any guttering.

It’s also important to consider other people’s properties so that you are not intruding over space. The gradient of any pitched roofs is a big one to think about, since you could be blocking sunlight from someone’s back garden. If you get consistent natural light, then look into solar panels as they can save you extortionate amounts of money on yearly energy bills.

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