Have you recently discovered the benefits of solar panels and would like them to be installed onto your home? You have certainly made a great decision as they can not only help save the planet, but you will also be shaving sizeable amounts of money from your yearly energy bills.

You can always call upon our roofers in Bishop’s Stortford to get solar panels installed correctly, however with so much time on our hands at the moment, you may decide that this can be taken on all by yourself. If this is the case, then first read this basic guide on how to fit solar panels in the right way.

Stage One

The very first step is to ensure you have the right platform in place in which to carry out the work. This is achieved with sturdy scaffolding that can keep you in a suitable position in which to operate certain roofing tools.

Stage Two

After you are happy that everything is set to get work underway, you will need to get roof anchors in place in order to keep the solar panels upright. You can do this easily by simply lifting any tiles or slates on the roof and fixing the rafters down firmly.

Stage Three

Any of the solar panel rails need to be attached to the anchors and made to run both horizontally and vertically across your roof.

Stage Four

You will now be able to attach the main solar panels onto the frame. In most cases, the panels will slot loosely into the frame ready to be fixed more tightly later down the line.

Stage Five

Most of the work can be carried out yourself, but when it comes to any wiring, you will need to call RJW Roofing & Building round! Once this is being taken care of, you will then need an electrician to get an inverter installed into your home. This is used to help generate electricity into a current that can be used for everyday household appliances.

Stage Six

Everything that as been installed will need to be thoroughly checked and inspected as we are dealing with dangerous components. After everyone is happy, the electrician will switch the solar panels on and then off again to check that it’s in full working order.

Stage Seven

Once the install has come to and end, you will be handed a certification that proves your solar panels were authorised and put into place professionally.

RJW Can Help with Solar Panels

You can reap the rewards from owning solar panels right now since RJW have 20-years’ experience of planning and executing them across the whole of Hertfordshire and Essex. Don’t wait any longer and contact us now on 01279 260 121 to find out more.

We have a host of roofing services available right now, ranging from garden roofs, all the way to things made from shingles. Still need convincing? Then how does the fact now upfront payments for work priced under £3,000 sound? We also provide project managers to ensure any work is completed to the highest of standards.

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