One of the biggest threats to any roofing structure is of course the unpredictability of British weather. This country certainly goes through the ringer every year with a blend of both intense heat waves and weeks upon end of adverse rain. The team at RJW Roofing & Building take this into account with anything they complete in order to safeguard customers against any potential damage.

We are more than happy to offer up our roofing services to assist with any recurring problems, but it’s also handy to have a baseline level of knowledge for yourself so that small issues can be taken care of without the need to hire roofing specialists. So, take a look at our guide on how certain weather conditions can affect your roofing.


This is unfortunately the most common weather condition we experience within the United Kingdom, helping to form the majority of the winter and even creeping its way into the summer months. If water is constantly hitting your roofing, then there is every chance that even strong materials like slates and tiles could start to lose their solidity.

With this in mind, you can clearly see how important things like guttering & downpipes are to the overall protection you have outside your home. Unless you can filter rainfall away proficiently, it is only going to build-up and lead to more damage later down the line.


After rain has taken its toll over the country, you can often expect a flurry of snow to be subsequently on its way. The main issue with this substance is that you cannot filter it away without any manual intervention, so get the right roofing tools and start shovelling the main bulk before a new wave of snow arrives.

When you are shovelling any snow away, you obviously need to work methodically so that nothing gets damaged. This is especially prevalent for both thatched roofs and garden roofs that are made up with intricate materials. Only take on this type of work if you feel you can handle it, otherwise get in touch with a professional roofing team to offer some assistance.


After rain and snow, there is often a build up of ice. This is something people tend to overlook, but we feel as if this substance is just as harmful if not taken care of properly. The most effective way to alleviate any concerns with ice would be to make regular inspections and see whether you have any damaged tiles that could come loose with constant exposure to icy weather.

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