Ever since the surge in popularity for flat roofs started to take a strangle hold over the roofing industry, we have made sure GRP Fibreglass solutions are always available by our team. The tradesmen we have here at RJW Roofing & Building are fully qualified in this service and know precisely what’s needed to ensure quality workmanship can be displayed every single time.

What is GRP Roofing?

GRP stands for “Glass Reinforced Plastic” and is made up from a careful mixture of both mat glass fibres and polyester resin. This is blended together in order to create a form of laminate.

The key reasons people have opted for this design above others is its sleek style and the fact very little additional weight is going to be handed to any existing flat roof structures.

How Do You Install GRP?

Before any work can get underway for GRP roofing, you will need to ensure you are working in warm weather conditions, since the substance being used is essentially liquid based. Any OSB boards will also need to be checked for their temperatures before you start.  

Why Choose GRP?

As previously mentioned, GRP is now one of the more popular roofing solutions around, owing to a number of great benefits. We have broken down the main reasons people have chosen this design and how it justifies their decision.

Strong & Durable
If you want something in place that is strong and certain to last for a very long time, then GRP is often the best choice. Any of our Bishop’s Stortford roofers will know exactly how to execute and install any work correctly, having worked on a number of homes across Bishop’s Park and Thorley.

Light as a Feather
This is always a great selection if you want to enhance garden roofs or any structures that are fairly light. Don’t worry if other materials used are heavy in stature, as the fibreglass component will offer the same level of balance and protection throughout.

Lack of Joints
Since GRP is predominantly liquid based, there is no requirement for joints. With this in place, any roofers should find it easier to round off work in a more smooth and neat manner compared to any alternatives.

Easy Maintenance
The materials that make up GRP roofing ensures maintenance and repairs can be overseen with immense ease. You can of course call out our teams such as our roofers in Harlow to help, or alternatively most amendments could be sorted out yourself.

Pleasing on the Eye
With so many colours to choose from, you can create something that has the capacity to completely transform the outside of your home in incredibly effective ways.

RJW are GRP Specialists!

If you are looking for a reliable company to complete anything related to GRP, then get in contact with RJW now on 01279 260 121. We can reach any of the key areas across Hertfordshire and Essex, ready to offer up free no obligation quotes no matter what project you want us to work on.

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