No-one wants to be the owner of an old and worn down looking roof, which makes identifying any underlying problems so crucial for households across the country. You don’t need to be a professional roofer in Bishop’s Stortford to know that even the simplest things could indicate that your roofing is starting to hit a downwards trajectory.

If you are concerned that your roof may be deteriorating or even starting to fall apart, you need to take immediate action before these issues escalate out of control. To ensure you never get to this stage, why not read through these simple indicators that may suggest you need to get some roof repairs underway.

Missing Tiles

The weather in this country can often wreak havoc over buildings and severely jeopardise their structural solidity. One of the most susceptible areas is always the roofing and especially designs that are made up from tiles. Being exposed to intense wind could cause tiles to come loose and ultimately fall away. Before large chunks of your roof starts to depart, you need to fix them back into place firmly and accurately.

Mouldy Areas

Any roof that has been left without attention for a number of years could build up mouldy patches. This is incredibly unsightly and gives off the impression that you don’t take pride in the appearance of your home. It’s often very easy to kill off mould with everyday mould chemicals. So, grab hold of the right solutions and make sure it can’t spread any further!

Constant Sagging

So long as your roof has been installed properly, the main structure should always run down a straight line. Any roofing that doesn’t follow this trend may start to sag and cause major problems to the solidity of your home.

Wayward Mortar

Years ago, it was common for mortar to be used in order to hold tiles into place across roofs. If any mortar starts to fall away, then this is often a sure sign that your roof is nearing the end of its life-span. It’s important that this is dealt with promptly as mortar often keeps entire roofs in position, which means their deterioration could cause a major health and safety risk around the outside of your home.

The Roof’s Age

It’s pretty obvious that ageing roofs are far more likely to start falling apart compared to designs that were installed yesterday. We generally believe that most roofs should last around 15-years without the need for major repairs to be conducted. Any roofs that lose their solidity before that will have likely been worked on by amateur roofers.

RJW Can Repair Roofs Today

No matter the scale of damage, you can be certain that the team we have here at RJW Roofing & Building will be able to put any roofs back into the right shape. If you want roofing services for any commercial or residential building across Hertfordshire or Essex, why not get in contact with our team today on 01279 260 121 for an informal chat.

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