Given the new age of modern home design, there are now so many roofing solutions available to cater towards the ever increasing demands. All across Hertfordshire and Essex, we are supplying things like roof design in Bishop’s Stortford and tiled roofing in Hertford, giving people the workmanship they need to truly enhance their building’s layout.

Here at RJW Roofing & Building, we have laid out an extensive range of roofing services which are available for use right now! In today’s blog, we have decided to break down what we supply and why they should definitely be considered at some point in the future.

Garden Roofs

One of the best ways to add some creativity and flair to the outside of your home would be with the installation of garden roofs. This can create a surge of vibrancy and help propel the outside area into a haven of peace and tranquillity.

Another great benefit is the fact garden roofs entice wildlife to come and pay a visit on a regular basis. This has been proven to be a hugely proficient method in which to enhance well-being and boost overall morale.

Solar Panels

If you would like to save money on yearly bills and help preserve the planet, then we would highly recommend looking into installing some form of solar panels. Over the coming years, you will be thankful you took time to invest into this highly innovative concept!

Still not convinced? Then lets break down the key numbers! By the year 2050, its projected that around 50% of the UK’s energy will be supplied by solar panels and the overall costs for such designs have dropped 99% since the year 1977.

Flat Roofs

This is definitely one of the more frequently installed roofing designs across key areas in places like Harlow, Sawbridgeworth and Ware. The main reason is the fact they are hugely adaptable, giving you ample opportunities to re-define your roof moving forward.

Just some of the things that can be integrated are garden roofs and roof lanterns! The latter is an amazing way to encourage waves of natural light to seamlessly pass through any of your rooms around your home.

Guttering & Downpipes

Its vitally important that guttering & downpipes are used to finish off general roofing work! This ensures you are protected against potentially harsh weather conditions that typically oversee large amounts of water to hit your home.

Guttering will allow water to flow away with ease, making sure you are safe from any major damage ever being inflicted.

We are Roofing Specialists!

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We can reach you in no time at all and offer out free no obligation quotes for projects of any shapes and sizes. So, don’t hesitate and take advantage of our 20-years’ trade experience for anything related to the roofing trade.

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