Since we are now well within the inner realms of the summer months, you may have found that most of your attention over the layout of your home is largely centred around the outside. This would of course include the roofing you have in place, which above all else acts as the main feature for the overall aesthetic.

Here at RJW Roofing & Building, we know how important it can be for identifying problems with roofs before they start to escalate further. We have therefore thought about the most common signs that you need to think about getting a new roof and why these factors are so important for the overall solidity of your home.

Mouldy & Damp Areas

The very moment you notice any kind of damp or mouldy patches, you need to take the necessary action right away. Any roofing that doesn’t come with the appropriate filtering systems like guttering & downpipes are always going to be the most susceptible to damage.

If can often be quite hard to get a clear look at the upper areas of your home, so always get professional roofers in Bishop’s Stortford or wherever else you may be located to carry out inspections for you. Failure to sort this out promptly could cause issues with the main walls holding up your home.

Internal Leaking

Make sure you are always on the lookout for leaks, especially if you have a loft used on a regular basis. Wayward water is often the best indication that leaking is taking place, as well as the presence of rotting wood.

This is another job that is probably best left to professionals since you could further de-stabilize crumbing structures without overseeing any inspection in the right way. As with all roofing work, it’s always better to get things done properly rather than rushing!

Bowed Peaks

Anyone that owns a peaked roof is likely to notice how they start to bow as time passes by. If you do see this taking place, then it could mean that the internal structure has been compromised in some way.

For problems related to flat roofing, you will need to closely analyse any form of dips which could indicate as to where the water has began to penetrate away from the waterproofed surface. Leaving this without taking action is only going to make the problems grow!

Missing Shingles

The weather in this country is incredibly unpredictable, which means we are likely to experience pretty intense conditions over the course of the year. Your roof can only do so much against the elements, ultimately leading to dislodged shingles.

Losing shingles is going to cause water to penetrate the lower area of your roof. So, before this and any other problems start to take effect, you must conduct the appropriate repairs as soon as you can.

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