Any kind of roofing project whether small or large in scale will require the use of tools. These allow roofers to complete work effectively and ensures they are operating with the right levels of health and safety.

RJW Roofing & Building have a team of reliable roofers in Hertfordshire and Essex, all of which come fully equipped with the latest industry products that have helped them undertake anything to the highest of standards. In order for any prospective customers to gain an understanding of how we operate, we have listed some of the most common things our tradesmen regularly use.


Most roofing is likely to be undertaken at great height, which is exactly why ladders are used on a frequent basis. They allow people to gain access to the upper reaches of buildings in a safe and practical manner.

Most problems cannot be ascertained by simply glancing at your roof from ground level. With the use of ladders, you will be able to get into the heart of any structures and take a very close look at anything that could be causing notable issues.

Safety Hats

Since roofing projects will require the use of hard materials like slates and tiles, you will need to ensure you have protected your head in the best way possible. Hard hats are often compulsory on any commercial buildings as certain materials can fall from high above the ground at any given time.

Wearing hard hats can also prove to be a life saver if anyone should fall from the top of roofing areas. Hitting the floor with these on your head is the sure fire way to reduce the damage you could inflict across your body.


Efficiency and precision are the backbone behind roof nailers and why they are a common part for most roofer’s toolboxes. They allow easy fixing over a majority of roofing materials within swift and efficient time-frames.

These models are especially beneficial for anyone taking on roof repairs as they allow easy restoration. Using nailers will enforce far more solidify compared to the use of conventional hammers, since they can install multiple nails at once.

Measuring Tape

Measurement is key for the installation of quality roofing solutions. With this in mind, you are likely to see your roofers use tape measures in order to work out the dimensions they are operating with and how much material is going to be required.

Guessing where and how you should take on any projects is a direct route to roofing catastrophe! Taking time to quantitatively work out the best course of action is always the best method in getting the results you want.


Handling certain materials could cause long-term damage to your hands. To safeguard against this taking place, most roofers will wear gloves whilst they are working on their projects so that they can keep their skin intact!

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