Over the last few weeks, RJW Roofing & Building haven been closely looking at all the key aspects that surround roofs of a residential capacity. That all changes today as we shift our attention to commercial roofing and the sort of things that need to be considered for quality and stylish fittings.

There are quite a few things to think about when going about planning and executing some form of commercial roofing, otherwise you could be at risk. Some of these are so simple, which means even the most inexperienced handymen could still get everything into order. So, take a dive with RJW as we look at some common mistakes you should aim to avoid with any commercial roofing solutions.

Poor Installation

It really does go without saying that unless you have hired proven roofers in Bishop’s Stortford or any other town you are based in Hertfordshire and Essex, you are likely to receive shoddy workmanship. Take your time to find reputable names that can point to a proven portfolio of quality work a and made sure they have the right accreditation such as The Confederation of Roofing Contractors.

Getting proper workers to complete projects will also ensure that the structure is safe and therefore suitable for everyday use. This is so important for places like schools and hospitals that typically occupy vulnerable people on a daily basis. Leading tradesmen will always use the right roofing tools and select the most robust materials available to get the roof built with strength and durability at the centre.

Wrong Materials

Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest roofing materials so that your design can experience a long-lasting lifespan. Over the course of roofing history, the industry has continually evolved as more materials have emerged and taken a precedent over previous products used. For examples GRP is starting to shape the way flat roofs are made as people have taken to its robust nature.

Another thing to think about would how your roof can alleviate problems with the weather. Some of the best choices would therefore be anything made from metal or shingles as they shield against heavy rainfall with relative ease. Also get guttering in place so that substantial water can be filtered away from your building without causing any form of build-up.

Bad Install

Many general roofers think they can make the step-up from residential work to commercial, but they are often kidding themselves. When people decide to become a roofer, they think the skills are generally transferable but the fact is commercial roofing is a whole different level. Having pretenders work on your building is only going to lead to issues later down the line and leave your delving into your pockets for unnecessary roof repairs.

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