It’s actually quite common for people to fall out of love with their roof and look into how they can install something new and fresh. That’s why the services we have for roofer Bishop’s Stortford have started to branch out in order to cater towards the increase in demands for roofing innovation.

One of the most consistent areas that people look for improvements would be the garage they have in place. We have noticed how the popularity in flat roof designs are starting to plummet and paving the way for huge demands over pitched roof layouts. So, why not read out guide on how to undertake this transition in the best possible way.

Checking for Damage

If you have a flat roof design that’s been in place for a number of years, then the likelihood of damage is unfortunately very high. The most common reasons for deterioration would be shoddy workmanship or the fact it hasn’t received the required levels of maintenance to keep everything sound.

This does play into one of the main reasons you would want to make the change over to pitched roofs, since they can easily resist the damage that can come from heavy rainfall much more effectively.

How Long Do Pitched Roof Last?

We have generally found that pitched roofs have the capacity to last much longer than flat alternatives. The actual time-frame you are working with will of course depend on the quality of work supplied by your chosen roofing contractor.

You also have a role to play if you want to keep pitched roofs intact, not least when it comes to the rainy parts of the year. Any areas that have a build-up of water or debris must be seen to right away before it starts to form substantial issues for your home.

It’s also important to select durable roofing materials that not only look the part, but also come with the solidity needed to resist harsh conditions. One of the best choices would be Metrotile, since this is easy to maintain and helps to create a robust set-up for your roof.

Insulating the Garage

Garages are often used for so much more than just collecting equipment used around the home. Nowadays, people use this as an extra space for children to play or for adults to sit and complete work. Either way, you are obviously going to need insulation in place for the winter months.

You will be pleased to hear that this is yet another area in which pitched roofs come out on top, especially since they can open up much more room for you to actually implement your chosen method of insulation.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Although the actual task of converting flat roofs into pitched is a simple process, you are still likely to require some form of planning permission. There isn’t much to worry about as pitched roofs are quite small in stature and shouldn’t be something neighbours would be against.

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