The summer is upon us and people are of course starting to use their garden sheds on a far more frequent basis. Having these based in your garden is a great way to keep the outside area tidy, whilst also providing a stylish focal feature.

Our roofer Bishop’s Stortford services have enabled us to get people’s garden sheds properly kitted out with the most robust roofing materials around. We understand the benefits of high quality craftsmanship and how failing to keep your shed maintained could severely compromise the overall tone of your garden. Do you need some guidance on the most popular roofing materials for garden sheds? Then here is our breakdown!


Since you need something that can resist the incredibly unpredictable nature of British weather, you should always place felt at the top of your list of possible options. This flexible material is formed with the ultimate water-proof capacity, handing you the best protection all-year round. Most felt roofs will easily last around 5-years without the need for substantial maintenance, which means you won’t need to delve into any unnecessary roofing repairs.

Bitumen Roof Sheets

You can easily get a traditional finish with the use of Bitumen. These particular sheets are a light-weight and corrugated alternative which still retains the same levels of weather resistance needed to shield against heavy rain. There’s also a wide selection of colours to choose from, allowing you to select something that blends well with the existing structure of your shed. The sheets will all come with a 15-year guarantee, handing you value for money and protection over your chosen products.

Bitumen Shingles

Much like the previous options, you will also feel the benefits of water-proofing with the use of bitumen shingles. Shingles are slightly different to rolls, since they give off a tiled look, which is perfect for people looking to get a classic finish for their shed. The installation process should also be much easier, since their hexagonal shape is simple to slot together.

Keep your Roof Protected

It’s quite clear that the most important thing to think about would be whether your chosen materials have the capacity to withstand poor weather conditions. All throughout the year, you need to make regular inspections to see whether your structure is still solid and looking the part. Selecting any of the aforementioned should give you a solution that will last years, helping you to keep maintenance costs down for your garden.

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