It’s widely accepted that Asbestos is as a major cause for concern across all the key areas of a building. The substance can have incredibly harmful effects on people, which means identifying it’s presence and taking it away is a hugely significant role for any building owner.

RJW Roofing & Building have always kept a close eye on the emerging dangers that come from the material, especially since this is now completely banned from construction within the United Kingdom. So, how could this affect the roofing trade moving forward? We have looked at the biggest things to think about and the risks that could occur should you not act correctly.

A Guide to Asbestos

The best place to start would probably be explaining exactly what asbestos actually is! This substance was handed its name since it was typically used for mineral based products. They come with the capacity to resist any chemical degradation and both intense levels of heat or electricity.

Asbestos usually comes in two completely separate groups. One of the groups is called Serpentine, which is formed with Chrysotile, and the other is named Amphiboles, owing to its Amosite form. The most dangerous is considered to be things made from Amphiboles, as it adopts a more harmful formation of fibres.

Using Asbestos in Construction

Over the years, asbestos has played a significant role in many industries such as clothing and pottery. It’s only since the start of the industrial revolution where asbestos was actually used in the construction industry and particularly when the rise of boilers and turbines took place.

The main surge in the use of asbestos took place after the second world war since companies wanted quick and simple building solutions. A significant peak took place in 1977, with around 3,000 different products being manufactured and sent around the world.

At the height of the popularity for asbestos, the substance was widely praised and often referred to as a “magic mineral”. It wasn’t until scientists discovered it’s harmful effects that the demands for the substance began to substantially deteriorate.

Among the many problems that were identified is the fact symptoms inflicted by the substance only really become apparent after around 20-years since initial exposure. For this very reason, we have seen the rise in asbestos deaths rise dramatically as we are now very much past the peak of its main period of popularity.

The Biggest Concerns

Recent stats would suggest that as many as 5,000 builders and tradesmen could die from asbestos exposure each year. This number alone really does demonstrate just how deadly this substance can be! Unless any asbestos has been removed, you could be at risk of any of the following:

  • Pleural Thickening
  • Cancer in the Lungs
  • Asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma

If you have any asbestos present within your roof, then we are happy to help remove the substance right away! If you live in Hertfordshire or Essex, get in contact with RJW today and speak with our team on 01279 260 121. Don’t put you or anyone else at risk! Identify problems and lets sort them out now!

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