RJW Roofing & Building want to help prospective customers understand what roofing materials are available to them and how they could be the best choice for their building. In this particular guide, we have decided to break down different tiled solutions and how they could be the most appropriate choice compared to anything revolving things like slates or GRP.

For a more personal explanation, you can get hold of our in-house Bishop’s Stortford roofer, who would be more than happy to explain tiled roofing in greater detail. For a more baseline level of knowledge, take a look at some of the tiled roofing we can supply and why they could be such a great choice for your home or commercial building.


This particular material is steeped within the history of roofing, providing people with a long-lasting and durable method of covering the top of their building in a purposeful way. You can choose machine-made designs or get personal and hire a roofing specialist to create something bespoke.

Some of the most common colours people opt for are red, orange, brown and grey. Clay is also much lighter to alternative materials, helping to make the process of installation less strenuous and ensuring work can be completed within prompt time-frames.


If it’s a natural look you want then you could go for garden roofs, or instead choose something based around shingles. Much like clay designs, you will find that they are built for a sustainable lifespan, which means making further long-term investments like solar panels could also be on the cards.

People who like the idea of helping to preserve the planet will also be pleased to hear that shingles barely affect your carbon footprint. Another great advantage is the fact they can be moved around easily, allowing people to really tailor how they want their new roofing layout to look.


This is very similar to clay designs as they usually adopt similar colours and provide the same levels of endurance and style. It’s also quite common for concrete roofing to display a natural tone you would usually see from something built from shingles.

So where do concrete roofs differ? Well, these designs usually retain their colour for a longer period without the need for any kind of roof painting to take place. They are also far more cost-effective and come with a number of benefits that relate to safety and general maintenance.

Should I Choose Tiled Roofs?

If you want something that is made to last and comes with an abundance of style, then you can clearly do little wrong than choosing something based around tiles. In summary, they have great endurance, adaptability and ensure you have kitted your building out with safety in mind.

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