After any major roofing work has come to an end, you will probably turn your attention to how you can round-off everything with the right style and solidity. One of the most effective choices has always been soffit & fascia, as they blend seamlessly into any roofing materials and adopt a neat layout across the outside area of your home.

We have a team of Bishop’s Stortford roofers who have planned and installed a variety of designs over the course of 20-years. They know the importance of soffit & fascia and why it should always be part of any major roofing projects. They have therefore taken time to explain exactly what they are and what they can bring to the table.


The fascia board is something that is integrated into the underside of any roof. This will be connected to any rafters in which the guttering meets up. One thing to remember is that this component is made from wood that can often experience roofing damage from poor weather!

It’s primary purpose if to act as a shield between any natural substances and the layout of your roofing design. Unless they have been properly fitted by trustworthy roofers with the right roofing tools, you are likely to be at serious risk of rotting or warp during storms.

Not only do fascia boards help protect your home, they also provide an abundance of style! This is due to that fact they come in a mutilate of different colours that can match perfectly with your current home design. After it’s installation you will notice how fascia boards entice a certain level of precision over the general aesthetic you have in place.


The soffit on the other hand is the surface that lies underneath the fascia board that overlaps your roof. In a majority of cases, the soffit will come with small holes that help regulate airflow and keep moisture away from your loft.

A key benefit they provide is the reduction of mould and rot. They also improve the quality of air within your home, which is hugely advantageous for a healthy life-style. If you really want to enforce any of the aforementioned, then always look to get something formed with robust materials such as UPVC.

Although their structure can improve your home, you may notice how the small holes allow bugs or small animals to gain access. You must identify this right away, otherwise you could be required to fork out a large sum of money to carry out easily avoidable roofing repairs.

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