When all said and done, the materials you select are perhaps the most essential feature behind any new roofing projects. Deciding which solutions are best for the layout of your home is vitally important, otherwise you may end up with a finish that doesn’t emit the style you were looking for in the first place.

As experienced roofers in Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow and many more places, we have grown to fully understand how each material functions and why they are used for any of our key work. So, we have decided to look at the most common things used by our team and how it could be incorporated with any of your ideas in the near future.


This is most commonly used for small outbuildings such as garden sheds. The material is easily rolled out into place and then heated onto the main roofing surface with the use of specialist equipment.

It’s practical sense means installation can be planned out and executed within incredibly swift time-frames. Another prime reason to choose rolled roofing is the fact it comes much cheaper compared to most alternatives on the marketplace.


With a fibre glass base, this is always seen as a sturdy and reliable material to formulate any roofing structures. You can also expect to receive pretty comprehensive aftercare, since these designs normally come with a 20-year guarantee after their installation has been completed.

If for any reason the main shingles that make up the design get damaged, you will also be pleased to hear that most roofing companies in Hertfordshire & Essex will be able to put these straight fairly promptly and with minimal fuss.


Often seen as the premier material for roof design, slates have become the most popular choice across all corners of the globe. They are sleek, stylish and all but guaranteed to remain intact for many years to come.

Their authenticity and natural vibe is the best way to enhance your home’s aesthetic in ways many other solutions would struggle to match. It’s worth pointing out that only skilful roofers in Hertfordshire and Essex should ever take on this particularly specialised roofing service.


Garden roofs are starting to become more popular as people begin to take greater care about the well-being of our planet. Moss is often used as the platform for such designs as they encourage growth and emit an earthy style.

This material is also hugely advantageous during rainy showers as it has the capacity to absorb water and prevent it trickling down your home. That also means both oxygen levels and the encouragement of nature is greatly enhanced.

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